Will there be a "cart"?

Obviously the main (aka every one) e-commerce sites, including crypto ones, have “carts” where you can save items you want to buy. When you are ready to buy, you can then buy them all at once.

Will the Sails wallet have a Cart, or will you have to buy items individually, and navigate to that item when you are ready to buy?

If yes to a cart, will that be in the initial release?


Given that the items displayed could be from multiple sellers, I don’t see a cart being practical on the wallet MP.

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Have to disagree.

Amazon has multiple sellers as well and you still use a cart.

Isn’t that the great advantage of an online marketplace, you have a number of of sellers, but you can interact with the marketplace as if it’s all from the same source.

If I would use everys sellers part of the marketplace seperated from each other I could use their individual websites as well…

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We have to look at this logistically and the overall timeline of the project.

Amazon has fulfilment centres where the majority of sellers hold their stock. It’s far easier to buy from multiple sellers as the stock physically all comes from the same place(s).

The early days of the Safex Marketplace, it’ll be individual sellers, with individual logistic arrangements. You won’t expect the logistical reach of Amazon from version 1.

However, the long-term plan is to have something like this in place, where everyday sellers can utilize Safex fulfilment centres.

The best way to view this whole project is to think how it’ll evolve, even over the next 12 months. We start from a basic framework, listen to the feedback, evolve and expand the options for every day users.

Don’t think for a second that v1 is all there will be. Even if it’s a basic thing, more features will be added continuously.


Yeah, but I could have a marketplace experience as if it’s just one seller, and have one chart for everything. Then the packages will be send from 3 different places and I might have to pay three times shipping, but safex software could automatically make the three transactions (or Maybe just one transaction with three recivers and the message each one needs) - I see no reason it shouldn’t work all from the same shopping chart.

But sure, will be great to start with whatever is possible to implement for mp v1 and grow from there on, but long-term in my opinion a easy all in one experience should be added to the mp

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Initially I also see it going this way. And it is going that way: you can add items to your “bookmark” sort of like a cart, but settlement and communication is to individual seller.

This is because of investment from the earlier days in warehousing .So even if multiple sellers are being bought from: it is actually amazon who processes the delivery of goods.

perhaps a title market (advanced account) user an aggregate products and manage the shipping from there: so you can access products of many sellers in that title market and that title market operator is the one who makes sure everything gets to where it belongs.

This is why we have invested a perfect amount of effort towards making a protocol layer that we can adapt to many which ways that the ecosystem can evolve.

This is an epic vision that I agree with you about.


The “bookmark” idea is essentially the same as what I was thinking - i.e. just a way to easily go back to the items you want to buy.

Makes sense to me - :+1: