Will there be Gift Cards?

Just brainstorming here. I wonder if there should be a gift card option to introduce people who are new to crypto. Obviously you wouldn’t want to give someone a measly amount like $5 USD. You would want something reasonable to entice them like $100 equivalent USD SFX Gift Card or more because someone would say “oh it’s that crypto stuff I’ll never figure it out” and toss it in the garbage can.

Perhaps the Gift Card could include not only SFX but SFT as well which would pay for their account. Maybe the c-gift card email link could guide them to a URL where they could easily enter in the code and it would allow them to create public and private keys in an easily explained manner.

It would be a good way to introduce new people to crypto during Christmas, Birthdays, etc.


A gift card means the SFX needs to exist somewhere in the real world. So this will either be on an exchange or in a private wallet. Assuming one would give the ‘Safex-present’ easily accessible for the receiver, it would make sense to have the SFX in a wallet. If that’s the case, the private key printed on paper with some decorations (and instructions) could be considered… A gift card. I don’t think a third party is needed for such a gift.

Unless you prefer to go for a third party where you will be charged $102 (or more) for a $100 SFX equivalent in a wallet. When you hand over the gift card, you are handing over the private key - I don’t see the logic in this.

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This can easily be achieved.

Create an offline address, write down the private keys, send some Safex Cash over to it, and then give it to the recipient as a gift.

Saying that… the idea of a gift card might not necessarily apply to the Safex ecosystem. A gift card is effectively store credit for a particular company or group of companies. The gift card is limited specific to THAT company.

You’re not limited to using Safex JUST on the Safex Marketplace. There will obviously be people outside of the marketplace that might accept Safex Cash for a product or service (OTC transactions in a local store for example).

Safex Cash is a currency, so you’re simply gifting someone currency, like the Euro, Sterling, Dollar, etc.

I suppose this is more like pre-credited accounts?

Interesting idea though. A few members have created Safex “gift” packages for friends and family.


Sounds like a great idea to me. In addition to ATMs where you can purchase SFX, why wouldn’t there be a market for pre-loaded SFX cards where you can scratch off the back and reveal the barcode that you scan with your phone and load into the wallet for spending?

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