Windows blocking access to 1click miner

So, i wanted to give a try to the 1 click miner, expecting to go fast and easy but windows decided otherwise.

At first i could download it and when i start to lauch it, it got deleted.
Now, even if i try to download it, it refuse the access.

I’ve turned off my anti-virus ( which sounds bad tbh ) and also my firewall, nothing change.

Why windows 10 is considering the miner as a virus and block it everywhere ?
How to solve it ?

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A lot of Malware has stealthy crypto mining embedded, which takes advantage of unsuspecting users PCs.

AV companies thus tag pretty much all crypto mining software as a Potentially Unawanted App.

If you disable real time scanning before download, and then install and make the install folder an AV exclusion, it will likely work.

Tutorial article and video of the entire process is on the to-do list. I just need to find the time.

Depending on your browser security settings, you may indeed have issues downloading, and may need to temporarily change your browser security setting.

thank you for the reply, unfortunately i don’t have time to do all of that and try this out yet.

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Hard to say without seeing your system and what anti virus you are using. Upon my first try on Windows 10 I was able to download, but upon installation my AV and windows blocked it. I had to go into my AV software and find the files, and allow them, as well as having windows firewall allow them as well. Once I did that, I was able to re-install and everything works fine.

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