With the V2, is the curation of the marketplace stay centralised ?

Hello Dan,

I want to clarify something we discuss with some members, is the V2 will allow everyone to make offer on the marketplace (like you and your team when post offer on the v1) ?

Some members suggest there will be some curation process, that will accept or refuse offer made by a centralized entity (you and your team, I guess ?) Is it how will work the V2 ?

Or is the V2 will give an UI access to the function that already exist (the safex_offer function) and permit every user to create offer on the safex blockchain ?

For others:

  • Remember that Dan choose to build a privacy coin with marketplace function inside, with no Ico, nor premined coin.
  • We already have the function safex_offer on the blockchain since 2019 so we can already make offer on the safex blockchain.
  • Dan is a fervent supporter of the bitcoin decentralisation.

Maybe I miss something about legal compliance or thing like that, that force him to work with curation… But I don’t think Dan make all this effort to finally deliver a centralized marketplace where on single entity can approve or deny offer.


The blockchain does not censor content sent to it. The element of a “private” currency is for it to be a secure cryptocurrency, so that traceability is upon the users’ discretion, unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which have total disclosure for no reason, this “naked” transparency is dangerous for users in my opinion.

Furthermore, the idea of “curation” is such that, suppose you want to only view products hosted by a specific user, such as yourself, or by a specific set of users, or specific categories such as “electronics” or “clothing” this calls for a curation layer. The curation layer also enables quality control.

At the core, like the internet it allows to host blindly, then like search engines, and web pages, the curation layer enables a enjoyable pathway for users and customers.


So the Curation layer is like a default filter that makes it easier for users to navigate in the marketplace
But is this filter can be disabled, by the user if needed ?

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I would love V2 to allow everyone to make offer on the marketplace, i live in Europe i can’t use the marketplace and i want to buy and sell stuff, but things don’t work this way.
The reason we need the centralized entity is safety, we need to make sure that any user who will purchase an item/service from the marketplace will receive it . Since we are in the early stages we need trusted vendors who will deliver and will give the best experience to their buyers. It’s impossible to let anyone sell and trick people , this will create a bad name for the Safex Marketplace. Don’t forget that we don’t have much sellers reviews yet. So in my opinion we can have the safex.market vendors verified my Dan’s entity and a free safex marketplace buy at your own risk and don’t blame it on Safex.That’s just me of course please share your ideas.


I’m not sure how to explain this at this point.

The blockchain never stopped people from Europe to list products (or from anywhere). I built a system to combine Amazon with the blockchain. I only added vendors from the USA because that’s what was available to me, sellers on Amazon from the USA.

That was the plan, although you can’t blame me either way if someone on that marketplace decided to not deliver, etc.

The Amazon bridge plan didn’t work out exactly as I thought that it would, and either way a open ended marketplace next to the Amazon bridged one was the plan. So at this point, I’m shelving the Amazon bridge for the moment, and releasing the V2 finally, and moving onto the next parts of the roadmap.


I agree with you as far as the V2 Wallet can access to both world