withdraw from Tradesatoshi PROBLEM

Hi everyone, i have problem getting my safex back from tradesatoshi :frowning:

I started verification process with them on 3rd June, when i found out regarding delisting, i couldn’t make withdraw, because i got error that i need to verify my account. I uploaded all necessary documents, but received on 11th June decline in verification. I resubmitted documents, and on 8th July i received confirmation that my account is verified. Because of this long process of verification i wasn’t be able to make withdraw sooner.

Now, Admin tells me that i cannot withdraw coins, because they are already delisted, and gives me a link to a their delisting policy, which was written on 2nd July 2019, 1 day after the delisting!


I have 254k Safex over there, it is a considerable sum for me. I have paid a lot of BTC for this safex on bittrex a long time ago!

Can anybody help me to get my safex back from tradesatoshi ?

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Unfortunately you will need to fight it out with TradSatoshi. Once they delisted it, they stopped all withdrawal requests

Do you know in which jurisdiction it is registered? Which company stays behind TS? I cannot find any legal contact info about TS.

I dont. Sorry. But there was a post from @dandabek on twitter about him contacting an attorney for legal action. You may want to tag him.