World's first direct EUR and USD to Safex Trades made today

Today, in my view, is a historic day for Safex. The world’s first direct USD/EUR to Safex trades have just taken place.

Performed on the Next.Exchange beta platform, i was able to buy and sell Safex tokens directly for Euros and US Dollars (not USD-T or EUR-T, actual FIAT trades).

As the platform is currently in Beta, it’s not accessible to the general public, unless you participated in their ICO late last year. However, it’s said that the exchange will be open to the public some time early Q2 2018.

More information here:


Do you have a link for the order book in Next Exchange?

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Great news. What was the $ price you paid for 1 SAFEX? I can’t use the platform yet to check myself. Cheers!

This is awesome news. I really want to get more Safex - can’t wait for them to go public.

That can be done with every token listed on NEXT, not just Safex…

Well, obviously. But this is Safex forum last time I checked.


Is there anywhere else i can get Safex?

The only way to get Safex currently is Trade Satoshi. NEXT should be open for public this month as well, but we will have to see what volumes it will achieve.

Super cool

Great news for Safex! :rocket:

Excellent. Thank you. I look forward to it.