Would it make sense for V6 users to just wait for V8?

I know version 7 has just been released, but was wondering if it would make sense for most to simply wait to upgrade to version 8, if that will be coming out before the end of 2018? I will have more functionality for safex cash (is my understanding) and would assume it be more comprehensive pertaining to dividends, etc. If version 7 is more transitional and users will all upgrade to version 8 anyways, what should the non-tech savy holder do?


It makes sense to me,I’ll also wait for upgraded version v8. I can wait few weeks, we have 12 months to migrate coins to safex blockchain.


I think it is fine to wait. I’ll do the same.
Probably, v8 will be the wallet with all features, like migration + send and receive both coins and tokens.


It actually depends how soon you want access to the airdrop/tokens

If you’re on the command line wallet you are set to go and can start maneuvering your tokens and cash.

So it’s up to you really.


I’m waiting for the marketplace because I plan to spend my cash there and get something real. I need a new laptop, so I hope I will buy it.

I suppose you will release new version of the wallet before marketplace??


v8 wallet is scheduled for this month which will allow for sending/receiving actively safex cash

It is an essential component for the marketplace