Wrapped SFX

Can we get a wrapped SFX? Uniswap is great free exposure if we can get a wrapped SFX.


Uniswap works on the Ethereum blockchain…

If you wrap sfx, it becomes erc 20 and you can trade it on uniswap.

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Why would we want anything to do with Eth? We are our own blockchain. Cheaper and more efficient

Because of exposure. Listing on uniswap will give safex exposure. Exposure means more buyers and more merchants.

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Well I’m not sure if either needs to be done but if you do wrapped Safex on the ETH chain you might as well do Safex pegged BEP20.

Yea, wrapped SFX for bep2, erc 20, and snip-20 would be pro growth.

We have already been working on a wrapped safex cash upon ethereum.


Touché! I know nothing! :slight_smile:

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