Written transcript of Dan's Catch up on Twitter Spaces

Hi all, for those who haven’t heard Dan’s interview on X (or Twitter if you prefer) Spaces, here’s a written copy if you prefer to read it. The transcription was done by AI (thanks to galicone for creating it) and I’ve cleaned up a few of the spelling and translation mistakes. Timestamps have been left on in case anyone wants to refer back to the original audio. The interview starts at the 2 minute 14 second mark.

Dan Dabek
This thing on?

Max Infeld
Yeah, loud and clear. Can you guys hear me alright?

Dan Dabek
Papa emoji if you hear.

Max Infeld
Hear a little bit of background noise streaming, Dan.

Dan Dabek
Yeah, let me lower that.

Max Infeld
That’s better. Yeah, sounds good.But what do you say we get going, guys? Okay, I’m ready. Let’s do it. Hey, guys. So I’m Max Infeld. I’m an early crypto artist, been with the curio cards, work on the game alien worlds. Anyway, super excited we’re today to learn about Safex from Dan Dabek himself. Safex is an OG project. Excited to learn about where it’s been, some of the trials and tribulations and overcomings. Just super excited to be here. So, Dan, what is the state of Safex in the Safex marketplace?

Dan Dabek
Yeah, thanks a lot, Max. Thanks everybody for coming through today. Basically, today, Safex is a live product. We’ve implemented the entire marketplace and launched it around December 23rd,2020. And since then, we’ve got about 12 registered sellers. We’ve sold just under 700 sales. And for the last few years, it’s been, you know, purring and working, staking works and, you know, Revenue share comes right out of the tokens. Pretty exciting development. Basically everything that I planned out in 2017 technologically wise came through to fruition. And yeah, to a lot of industry people in e-commerce, were very interested in that development. And yeah, the world is pretty okay. It’s, it’s been a big lift and that technological lift has occurred. And you could see on the Github, you could see on, you know, the Safex.org website, there’s now a nonprofit organization that kind of made it, you know, more structured in 2020 in order to facilitate and see through the completion of the marketplace development. So yeah, 2020 Safex is done in terms of the marketplace development. It’s live. People use it. People are mining. Yeah, today I’m in SF. Just moved back to San Francisco and just in the heart of the place where this all started, actually started Safex out in San Francisco in 2015. And it’s good to be back among the pioneers and the good weather, you know, the good routines that lead to massive success.

Max Infeld
Awesome. And yeah, it’s great to hear. Well, yeah, welcome back to Cali man. Yeah, and I see you posting awesome content on Twitter talking about Safex. And yeah, just really curious, like what, yeah, what prompted you host the space? I’ve seen you on s jump in on some other ones, but I haven’t seen you wanna host one. So yeah, just curious what you could share, what was your motivation in doing the space?

Dan Dabek
That’s a good question. So as you could see, I’m on my account, “Dan Daybeck”, whereas most of people today know me from “officialdabek”. That’s super important because as we were launching the marketplace out of the blue, we got accused of taking Safex, the name, from someone else. So someone lied to the trademark office and claim that we stole it from them. And then, so as we’re launching five exchanges getting listed, things are rocking, people celebrating.Out of the blue, every single account for Safex was banned, suspended on Twitter across the board, removed from coin tracking websites. And there is no other option than to prepare a massive lawsuit, you know, with haste. And you know, then we got an urgent relief from federal court to get the name back and block those people from doing that. But regardless of those efforts, Twitter never returned the account to its state status for almost two years. So when I logged in to my old account, I was wondering, side of nowhere start like, hey, I put a treat out, said, hey, you know, is anybody out there? And it turned out there’s a lot of people and click. And it’s the most bizarre thing that people didn’t see all of the activity that was going on in parallel out on my new account, right? So this, so that was the most bizarre thing. So if you were wondering what happened, I never checked out. In fact, I just kept doing the same, you know, kept building and kept growing, but without like a massive portion of, of, of our community. So that’s yeah, yeah, that’s what you know, I’m like better get on a space, you know, called you, you, you know, called you up and ask you, you know, what’s going on? Like would, you know, can we get this thing going? And you said the best thing would be to reach out. So here we’re, yeah, reaching out to the world, you know, that got left, you know, way I see it at presence, a world that got left behind, right? You know, people thought I literally, that I deleted my account. I never deleted my account. I never could get it back no matter what I did. Contacting Twitter over and over and over again, lawyers, you know, like substantial evidence, everything, emails, tens of thousands of dollars. Twitter never returned it. And now we know, right, Elon Musk had to buy it. Now you have all the revelations. Massive censorship of Twitter, right? Massive, you know, control. Doesn’t help that we’re crypto, you know, doesn’t help that we’re, you know, a privacy coin. It doesn’t help just, you know, these institutions, but it will help lots of people. There’s a very, very, you know, very huge need for our technology. And clearly, you know, there’s people out there who wanna stop it, and they need to know that it’ll never be stopped.

Max Infeld
Awesome. Yeah, that’s an awesome answer. So I mean, you can overcame these like huge obstacles or hurdles relating to the centralized services and you got everything, you know, in order, relaunched, you got this going. What is going on with Safex right now?

Dan Dabek
So, you know, that’s kind of an all encompassing question. What’s going on with Safex now is, before I get there, I would wanna mention through that time, we launched a lot of initiatives as well. Like we never took our foot off the gas, right? Base. Yeah, you said centralized services. So we tried a lot of things in the mainstream, right? Trying to be like a normal company and things like that. But then, you know, you constantly get pushback and makes it much more expensive, takes a lot of time, gets you, you know, you get upset cuz people don’t understand no matter who communicates it and what fashion, etc. So now, so first of all, I wanna take the time to really think those people who never give up. So basically, all of this would not still be humming and purring how it does if it’s not for the incredible community throughout all these years. So, you know, to just start at like, you know, people we’d recognize, right? Like John Mcafee, dumb, what, you know, he was the sounding board, you know, that brought a massive amount of attention to Safex and what we’re doing here. Then, you know, Julian Assange even, you know, through a wikileaks gave a shout to say facts even and you have, and he’s the guy who put bitcoin on the map, right? So then the, you know, our whole mining community at one point we were, you know, a third of 1% of Monero’s mining. And 1/300 or like 1/3,000 of some, some number, some ratio that didn’t match up right? Our market cap of Safex cash was not remotely close to what, you know, a third of 1% of Monero’s market cap was at. Think it’s like should have been like 30 million if you compare the two, but we’re only at 3 million. And then so you got a massive community of minors that just, you know, jumped in there. We, right now we’re at like for mega hash, we reached nearly think it was like 70 megahash, which would be like, you know, 6,000 computers, you know, my name, Safex and that was that’s on growth. By the way, if you’re listening right now, if you’re not mining, you need to look into it. So then you have the group of minors, then you have sellers. The people desperately want in. Within just days, thousands of sellers, thousand sellers signed up to get access to the closed source Amazon Bridge that I developed, that I tried to take mainstream, but for reasons out of my control, it was slow down. But that code exists. That code still exists and that vision remains. So getting the whole world of Amazon sellers to join Safex is still a thing. So then like further you have still, you know, the token holders, you have s, you still have hundreds of token holders checking in every day. In fact, the forum has 18 people reading still the forum to this day. And on a regular basis, checking into the forum Xcalibra, the exchange I launched. You know, you see the incredible things like that just popped into my head is you have imagine through all of that, I didn’t own the exchange right and and so I always knew when with the Mac BD listing etc. I knew I had to put my chips into building in exchange because that, you know, you can’t, yeah, you know, it’s still, there you go. So Safex lives on regardless. And so there you go. There is a massive required foundation that drive safe. Next, I’m just a man, but the community is omnipotent.

Max Infeld
Yeah, that definitely brings us to our next question. You know, you have this incredible community. Can you dive into that a little more? I know so in the safe extreme, you have some legends like John and others. Could you just riff on like some of those people and just the power that they bring to save it.

Dan Dabek
For sure. So don’t I mention John Mcafee and Julian Assange, by the way, if you know, if you’re keeping up with the times, the Julian Assange trial is tomorrow. Now it’s on the, on Tuesday, Wednesday about the US extradition. But, you know, these, these two people, these two heroes, the bulwarks of freedom, they know how things work. And over the years of, you know, I’m now 32 years old, but when I started this, I was 24 years old. And I always knew I could feel it. But now I kind of feel it, I know it, I see it very clearly. I experienced it. And there’s a whole system that is built to control the world. And there’s not, there are no other options until Bitcoin, until these things came about, there were no other options. There really weren’t. And so these two gentlemen, they know this from before time was possible to just know. Right. You had to, you had to, you have to be a computer technologist early on to then figure out there literally is a man behind the curtain. So I think that it’s so in these people inspired. And you kind of see what they say and then you look into the world and then you could trust because they come from a place above of they did this, they’re this. And so when they tell you and you listen and you give a second to pay attention and then you realize it’s true and then you can’t unsee it. That’s why there so important, I think, to so many people. And I think that’s why their message should never go unheard. Because if it, if people like John and Julian and, you know, Edward Snowden never, you know, dialogued on Safex or interacted with me. But people like that, they expose the small chance that we will, that there will be people who are always be free. And those people who can clink to that freedom and the method of that maintaining that freedom, then the world will always be a good place to live in, you see? And so like now I wanna just like my mind is racing towards like, look, Safex has this all encompassing, right? It’s a software development. This is beyond me and you and everyone listening in here now. And the point is that, look, all these heroes, the community, the token holders, the, these bulwarks of freedom, John, Julian, the minors who give their computer power to enjoy the rewards of Safex, right? To keep thing humming. The forum workers, right? Anyone listening to this or gonna listen to this in the future, right? We have power, right? So we have the one click minor, right? The one click minor piece of cake. If you have a computer, you know, turn that on right now. The uh, the mining reward is at the seventh year of increase. There’s one more increase to go. So these are the times they’re like, this is this is it. This is like, this is what this was made for, to give you time to learn about it, to hear about it and to be patient so that you can jump in. Was it three years ago, was it today? Or is it six months from now, get to mining shop and further right, you have a, the marketplace is built, and what is it built on? The Safex Marketplace is built on smart contracts inside of a fork of Monero. So we have privacy smart contracts. Okay, wonderful. There is so much potential there, right? These are our powers.We have our are forums, right? We have our places of discourse, safex.org, right? We have a foundation, literally a foundation that can see through the development of open source freedom, protecting technology and proliferating it. And with these tools, this is how we lead to building a vibrant future. So that’s probably the next most important element. If we combine all of these things that we’ve done, combine these things of who we are and who we’ve become, then we can evolve even beyond that. Why not take the smart contracts of Safex and make a privacy network for all data? We now have AI in the world that is powering a lot of technologies, you know, you know, whether materials, medical, people’s private intrigues, right? All these things, they will need a place in the world, a digital world that is private. So there is a gap in the need for a technology like Safex. Safex is beyond just the marketplace. The marketplace is something significant. We decentralize Amazon, but then look what Amazon also does. They sell data services. So why not move on to the next element of the saga, which is data storage privately? And that being said, this is just an idea, right? But that is just an outcome of where we came from, what we went through, who we are, the power we possess and where we could go with it. So to that effect, I think it would be incredible that we created a living white paper that we can participate because Safex only had a little blueprint. And now it’s about time when I wanted to write the white paper, I just couldn’t, just didn’t roll off the tongue because dealing with constant interruptions. However, today being completely open source, being solely a part of the community, it’s now possible that we create a document that will cover what we’ve done and what will be for Safex into the future. So.

Max Infeld
That’s that’s that’s that. Yeah, man, you definitely an incredible story. Unfathomable community support. So cool to see that. And you definitely accomplish most of your goals or a lot of your goals. Yeah, just curious, besides this white paper, can you share about what’s gonna be next?

Dan Dabek
You know, there are things in the immediate term, there are things, so we’ve got a mobile wallet being developed as we speak. I would give it another few weeks before I would give a status update, a really proper one. I’m really hopeful to see that get built and completed in a timely fashion. And so then we also have a very important, very delayed thing is the V2, the version 2 of the wallet. So we released, I released the wallet that only I was able to use to sell. So kind of people who I knew face to face, I gave them a copy of this wallet that you could sell upon. However, due to a number of factors, I never, I never, I never manage to release the all encompassing, you know, open ended version for everyone to use. The blockchain always could posted and, you know, the community did build their own version of of the of that wallet and it does work and people did use it. And it’s evidence of, you know, the code, the parts of the code I did publish are sufficient enough for anyone on the earth to introduce their own client to the blockchain. Anyway, what’s on the horizon? So we got a mobile wallet. I’m gonna launch the V2. So my version of the client, right, into selling on the marketplace. Then we have that, we have that, then we have, there’s a new one click miner coming up. So for the mining community, that’ll be awesome. Mining is super important and right now it’s so important to be mining. You have one more increasing next year and then scarcity, and then it’s a decreasing, the reward will just rapidly drop. So you wanna get involved in mining today if you can. So a mobile wallet, we have the V2, we have the updated one click minor. I would say one big overarching need is, is a is the exchange listings for Safex. So my goal is by end of April’s end to have another exchange for Safex Token and Safex cash, but mainly the Safex token because right now cash is on two exchanges, Xcalibra and on Bitrue. So then getting Safex token another exchange is a top priority. And then, and you know, we also have the Safex Bitcoin wallet revamp and EMP proofed. So Safex origin came from, we had more than 150,000 users on the Safex Wallet, which was a Bitcoin Omni coin wallet from back in the day. That’s kind of my claim to fame. So I see people still try to use that wallet. It would be a shame to not let people, you know, have an update to it. And with the modern technology and modern experience that we can bring today. So that, that’s it.I, that’s quite a bit of things in my opinion, and quite a bit of amazing things that I think, you know, our community will benefit from and be able to share with others. And you know, the best part about, you know, today, this beautiful San Francisco sun rays through my window. It’s the fact that, you know, we finally got a chance to reconnect with the people with whom we started with.

Max Infeld
Wow, those are some really killer updates, man. Thank you so much for all the info about Safex. I definitely feel more educated about the ecosystem and I really look forward to seeing more updates and seeing the community growing. Looks like, yeah, looks really incredible from here on out. Any other last things you wanna share before we wrap it up?

Dan Dabek
You know, now that you mention it, I, I do. I wanna to say Liberland is settled. You know, that’s, you know, talk about very far out goals, right? Who would have ever thought that it would be this soon? And yeah, Liberland is settled and result.

Max Infeld
Oh, could you share about what Liberland is? There’s a lot of people don’t know about it.

Dan Dabek
Yeah, let’s keep it short, right? Yeah, let me just, so, yeah, Liberland in 2015 was a piece of land in Eastern Europe. If you guys went and claimed it based on international laws governing unclaimed land and they wanted to create a crypto nation, right? A crypto based blockchain, open democracy, coin powered democracy. And lo and behold, that’s what we have today. So this, the land was blockaded by police and military until August. And I posted a tweet where I jumped off a boat. I was probably there within 2 weeks of it being settled, maybe 3 weeks within it’s being settlement. And yeah, just in the middle of the night by boat, you know, cuz the whole day I spent collecting supplies, food, you know, electric switches. Like it’s incredible to build a country. Anyway, so then, so then actually a few days ago, the blockchain for Liberland was launched and everyone who supported it all along the way receive their coins and, and you, and it’s pretty soon you’ll be able to elect officials with the coins. It’s literally democracy in its most pure form. You have the most incredible direct engagement in democratic system through blockchain of a sovereign nation. So yeah, it has, it’s not recognize in the UN as yet. However, it is recognized by nations as something that exists that will not be stopped.

Max Infeld
So yeah, that’s an incredible story as well, man. Looking forward to get more updates from there.

Dan Dabek
Yeah, that would be incredible. So.

Max Infeld
That’s it. Awesome lot. Max, thank you so much. Dan, thanks for all the education today. And thanks everyone, the tuning in. And hopefully we can do this again very soon.

Dan Dabek
Appreciate it. See you later, Max. Alright, see you later. Bye.


Awesome work, and many thanks. As someone who lives on his iPad, I can’t listen to or join Spaces chats.

Much appreciated @magpie17 (and @galicone ).


Thanks for publishing the transcript @magpie17

In case anyone wanted to listen, this is from the recent Live Twitter Space


Daniel Dabek Live Twitter Update February 19, 2024 Safex Future Roadmap and Story Line


Hi Dan, great to have you back :+1:

Someone tried to prevent that and derail the project.

Thanks for letting us all know it didn’t work. Your passion and dedication never wavered!

Looking forward to the upcoming White Paper and the roadmap you discussed!!

Could you explain a little about several posts that mentioned Swiss recognition, trademarks and their significance to SafeX?



Thanks for recognizing my commitment. As I look around, we are still holding onto a vision that is unfulfilled. We need to look to the future, and I think it’s an important and amazing one. People said early on, it’s a lot to bite off and chew, yet the bigger the challenges the more interested I became.

That being said, last year I completed an audit in Switzerland that granted Xcalibra the ability to clear purchases for crypto using wire transfers in Swiss Francs (CHF) Euros (EUR), and also clear sales in the same currencies. The limit is 1 million Swiss Francs or equivalent in EUR per transaction.

Most notably, on December 26, 2023, I looked ironically at the trademark status, and it had updated that day to seeing the SAFEX word mark awarded to the Safex Foundation. The logo was awarded in November 7, 2023. This was a lengthy process that spanned nearly 3 years, and Huge thanks to the legal team that secured and managed with obtaining this for the Foundation, effectively for us all.

It is quite significant because we have set a precedent in the legal system, where other projects in our crypto blockchain industry will face similar issues, and it will be our case that will clearly set the playing field for anyone else in the future who wants to cause this deranged harm to other peoples’ legitimate endeavors.

We had the opportunity to present the entirety of the origin story into Federal Court in Washington DC which I thought was an opportunity to present and make good on what we have endeavored here under my leadership.

Our coverage is very comprehensive. I must admit, for example: besides software we have the ruling for Jewlery, and also Clothing. These are essential in my opinion because any artifacts such as the silver medallions, the gold pendants including their diamonds can stand the test of time even long after we are gone. This is paramount to surviving any digital interventions that can ever occur. Clothing is a piece of everyday life, so beyond the software coverage that is extensive, Safex is also a part of anthropological history.

This is an intense protection we now possess. It is clear what Safex is and who and what it is representing, without a doubt in continuity in the leading nation of our planet, to date.

The trademark extends globally. The comprehensive list ought to be now published on the Safex.org website. Consider that even Bitcoin is presently being plagued with litigation in attempts to over take its position by the various copies of Bitcoin.