XCalibra Listings

I know this can be a touchy subject for some, Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash. I noticed a lot of people on XCalibra are getting impatient and are apparently using low TX fees to send Bitcoin and they get stuck in the mempool. Just throwing the idea out I wonder if adding BCH would help alleviate this problem. Lower fees, faster TXs. I just wonder if people would be willing to trade in it. I know I would.


First of all, this is not an Xcalibra forum, it’s Safex forum. So, you might want to ask the question elsewhere.

Other than that - the proposition is okay, but I think people don’t choose the fees themselves - the exchange (Xcalibra) does that.

Also, a better proposition would be to get Stellar (XLM), Ripple (XRP) or some stablecoins (like USDT) to the exchange. That would make it much more usable, and the traffic would be much higher.


USDT, please.


USDC too so that coinbase users of USA can participate with minimal friction of sending coins…
Also XLM would be awesome