XCalibra Mobile App & Stable Coin Listings

IMO more important than a TWM mobile app, as a seller there needs to be liquidity to masslist products at once and having that app will make managing it easier otherwise the current liquidity can only support more grassroots eBay style.

Wishlist: SFX/USDT, SFX/USDC, SFX/USD,SFT/USDT, SFT/USDC, SFT/USD this makes tax cost basis easier for individuals and businesses that need to comply with tax laws for existing holders.

There is a massive accounting burden the way the listings are right now for buyers and sellers.

Buyers: USD to get BTC,
Sell BTC to get SFX (taxable sale)
Sell SFX to buy product (taxable sale)

Sellers: USD to buy products
Sell Products to get SFX (taxable sale)
Sell SFX to get BTC (taxable sale)
Sell BTC to get USD for more products (taxable sale)


I agree with you on all fronts. We will start somewhere, but in the open source. I also have a ton of code that I will need to start releasing from the TWM days and that will include a total exporter of the sales with the SFX to USD price straight from your TWM app.

So I think that’s not a problem. Then to follow up liquidity I’m doing that all important work. That is promoting the coin, the network, and it’s present and future. Getting more exchanges and getting awareness.

During TWM I was working on a mass product listing that ultimately fell through, but I did not focus on the tokens, but only on getting that company into the mainstream and thereby hoping and which it did to some decent effect into the safex open source area.

This time I am all in on the origin that I am the best at: open source, and I am doing everything I got to get eyes on our project and get that mass public support I’ve been able to garner throughout time.

So, 1 liquidity 2 good apps to use 3 enjoyment of the marketplace 4 future developments for the safex blockchain.

Keep in mind, Bitrue trades SFX against USDT, so there’s a start*


Are there any fresh news regarding new listings on Xcalibra?


I’m looking at opening the new markets by this weekend on staging, and assuming all good after that we go live by March 8th.

:+1: there is a pipeline of coins coming online as well. Let’s goooo!!!


Any chance for monero?


I have not taken consideration for it so far honestly. If I’m being honest, I don’t see a big group of people adopting it and only losing interest from others.

Safex in my opinion is the right wrapping for a secure cryptocurrency. I don’t see privacy as some evasion, I see it as protection.

Security is a right, and “privacy” transactions is a way to protect people from theft, stalking, etc. So considering the dwindling use case for Monero, it’s highly centralized coin supply, I don’t see a point in listing it. If there is metrics or interest check then sure. But I am erring on the side of being effective with my actions. Data driven, and the landscape I’m reading doesn’t suggest it’s something worth doing. I’m open to hear and understand any other view points.


Binance just delisted it. Might be a good way for some monero buyer to find a new exchange.

And if someone is into monero and they see that safex is a monero fork with an actual usecase. They might go into it as well.
Privacy only isn’t a usecase, which makes monero a great technology but it doesn’t really have a usecase imo.
Safex fixes this. It got the ultimate usecase.


How is this travelling??? @dandabek

In reference to monero and people losing interest in it i would think the marketcap speaks for itself compared to safex would it not be wise to use monero pairs to gain traction from their users?? With a $ 2.20B USD marketcap V safex $318k and considering the code safex used was 90% copy and paste from monero listing it should be an easy task for a man of your expertise and greatness?

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