You guys need to chill out

These forums have become less informative and more panicky over the past couple of weeks. If you want to FUD and stress, do it on Reddit or something. We are gonna be alright.


Completely agree mate, seem to think its more the day traders than investors that are stressing out


I agree,

How would all the hodlers here feel with having a restart with this forum? Just wipe it and have a restart with a fresh clean forum. It has become a mess with fudposts and panic questions, duplicate topics and blames over the last month. Older topics are outdated because things have changed since then (i.e. the naming of chille, what might be confusing to new members). I’m sure the new site and the coming whitepaper contain all the info we (and new investors) need to know. So we could wipe this forum along with the release of the new site. And maybe have it moderated by some trusted members? This forum indeed needs to be informative and not stressed out


Agreed, there is literally nothing to worry about. This is a bump in the road.

  1. We are actively trying to get re-listed on cryptopia. If we do, good, and if not, then it’s their loss.

  2. Dan announced that he is actively got a team working on partnering up with other exchanges. So we will be on an exchange very soon and many more in the months to come.

  3. The project is solid! We have the white paper coming out, the website being redeveloped and in Q2 next year we will have the new safex transaction coin which will be air dropped to safex holders. Not only that, once the project is marketed, transactions completed on the safex chilli block chain will pay safex holders dividends.

  4. This is all happening and because of the events over the last two weeks, panic is consuming people, price has dropped which means it’s the perfect time to buy buy buy. To all those panicking, put your safex in your wallet, avoid forums or threads and just relax. In a few months, you’ll love yourself for not panicking and missing a huge opportunity!

It’s good. But what if if Bitrix does not send to the purse of Safex?

I would be all about erasing the forums and starting fresh as well with the release of the whitepaper, new website, etc. People new to Safex need a clear understanding and not have to sift through outdated stuff.

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I agree too BUT with some stickies so those new have somewhere to gravitate towards

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I think it’s very few who panick but they all seem to get on the forum, I know of 4 people personally with SAFEX and they aren’t panicking, but I agree just about every negative comment I see is either a panicker or someone who’s totally got it wrong.