Youtube Review by Crypto Coin Chase

Hi guys, just a short one. Someone i know from Twitter, started a new Youtube Channel and was looking for Coins to cover. I advised him to have a look at Safex, which he did. Have a look at his Video and leave a bit of Feedback back for him, since i think theres so much more to safex :slight_smile: Let him know that this community is special :slight_smile:


Interesting that he’s not buying because there’s no product yet…

For me, this is the biggest reason why I’ve gone over a million coins.

It’s clear a product is forthcoming, and when it’s launched, more conservative heads like this guy will rush in …

Perfect time to buy :slight_smile:


i agree ryan. It can only go upwards from here.


I like his “honest” calm review.

If we do a good Alpha, he may become more interested and do a follow up video.

Thanks for posting!


Interesting Syscoin market cap at $106 million, Safex currently at $19 million.
Syscoin project is more advanced at this stage, but Safex will be so much more…
Safex project starting to really make progress now, it will rise 5 fold in no time.
3 to 4 cents in the coming months…

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