2 addresses not migrated since 05 November

Dear support, I had started a migration with 3 addresses on the wallet, but just 1 I have migrated so far (I see migrated Safex Tokens and Cash). The rest of these 2 addresses have not been migrated, despite of I did everything the same as in case of the first one. I had 0 balances on these two. I have all confirmations, but 0 migrated and neither token nor cash are visible. What I can do in order to make the migration complete? I started this process November 05. Thanks in advance.

I am writing one of them: 17EQ5z3VNhutebzaStPZSBikYtyiNk3Cua

Can someone tell we what went wrong?

I guess here are 4 transactions, 1 is missing. Should be 5?

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For the address provided, you failed to set the second half, most likely because you didn’t wait long enough after setting the first half. The highlighted timestamp is your burn, and in the BTC block explorer, there should be two outgoing txns BEFORE the burn.

I would recommend updating to the v8 enhanced migration wallet before you Reset and do the process again.

You will also need to add more BTC before trying again. I recommend you add at least 50k sats BTC as a single txn.

More details are in the .pdf…


Once you successfully set both halves, your old burn will get found and the Migration Table will update within about 4 hours.

Thanks for the answer. I did what you said: 1) added BTC 2) clicked Reset, I’ve chosen previous 3) Started the process again (but balance on the old Safex coins did nor recover, but as I guess, they have been burned) 4) first half - it has been sent 0.00008987 BTC 5) second half - it has been sent 0.00008286 BTC 6) At Final Step, we have 0 balance to burn, and need to wait for confirmation of last BTC transaction and in some time (2-3 hours) new Safex coins should appear in the migrated table.

It worked well for me. It was my case. Thanks a lot for your help. I have coins migrated.


At final step in my case I did nothing, I just left this step without any action, and migrated table appeared.


Perfect @Domelion

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Anyone got this?
I had the same thing as Domelion above, did the first 1/2 again and got this message after I come back to it.
omni public key: 12RWvKQWGHPTF5qmpJjvKCt2PhKPpxUdQr

You don’t have enough BTC to cover the txn fee. Add more BTC and it will go through okay. Don’t add ‘just enough’, or you’ll spike the txn fees. Add a good chunk and all will be good.

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Hi, @aussiesloth, I did it as above but still have an issue, the last transaction is obviously invalid & no coins in the wallet. You have some idea?

You are looking at the wrong block explorer for the setting of halves…

Don’t do anything else. So far as I can tell, you have successfully set both halves, and I’d bet that the Migration Table populates in about 4 hours.

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damn man you know it all!

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