Affiliate commissions

I bought some Safex from website using my affiliate link. It has been three days and my available Safex commission is still zero. How long does this process take? I am starting to think I did something wrong.

The affiliate link adds a cookie to the user’s brower, so if they don’t buy right away but come back later, you still get paid.

However, if you’ve clicked on someone else’s affiliate link before, it doesn’t get overwritten, and you’ll still have the previous affiliate link cookie.

The comission is issued in the dashboard pretty much straight away.

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Thanks @Rich.bate for reply. I was buying coins through my own affiliate link. I got them in my wallet the next day but my dashboard still shows zero commission.

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You need to check your cookies set when you visit the site, and clear them and visit exclusively your link otherwise you are probably set under someone’s affiliation instead of yours.

Hit the remove, and then go to your affiliate link and you’ll be set on your own one.

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Thank you @dandabek for your reply. I did as instructed but it didn’t change my balance. I think this is a solution for my future purchases but not for the one I already did, is it?

it would only work on future purchases; since it records what was the affiliation at the time of sale

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Thank you for clearing things out. Too bad I didn’t know that before making a purchase. To be on a safe side I think I’ll just stick to TradeSatoshi :wink: Happy New Year!