After migration balance and Safex old coin zero after migration

I have made migration of safex coins around 17410 coins on Oct 18,2019 . I followed all the steps as per the video on website but at the end of the migration, migration table is not shown till now with my SFT balance. Please help me solve the issue.

My wallet full address is


Need your old coin address, not your new address.


Hi, you mean this one

I have tried everything. But old safex coins has become zero and new migration balance is showing zero

I am afraid. Maybe my coins are lost.
Please help me solve the issue

I had same problem. Now I’m able to help you out. You need to load more BTC in order to do successful migration, it seems wallet misses transactions when they are very small. Anyway in order to migrate you need to set both halves. Please load you wallet with 100K satoshi and then reset migration - set again Safex blockchain address and then set first half - then wait until at least 1 confirmation in blockchain explorer and then click set second half. After that migration script will send safex tokens to your new safex blockchain address and you will see that in the migration table.

Next you can withdraw rest of the BTC that will be left in the wallet.

Hi Explorn,
Thanks for ur suggestion.
I had more than 100k sotoshi
I set first half v well and paid the btc fee
Then set the second half and paid the btc fee
Even after both steps i still have spare btc
I think its not btc issue

Can anyone plz check from block chain or somehow what went wrong and what should i do now

Appreciate ur support

Yeah, something a little funky when I look at the txns on block explorer…

Look at the time stamps I highlighted, which marries up to your burn.

I have no idea why the second twin txn in the BTC explorer didn’t throw an invalid txn to Omni, but it is clear only one txn precedes that double click.

Therefore, you failed to successfully set the second half.

You need to Reset, the when you get to Step 3, trigger the first half to be set and then go to and watch for the txn to get confirmation. Then go back to the wallet and Set the second half in Step 4.

After that is done successfully, your old burn will get picked up and the Migration Table will populate, but give it up to 4 hours to become visible.

Then when Dan next runs his Migration Script, your new SFT and SFX will arrive at your new address.

(And yeah, not a BTC issue… you have plenty there to reset and do it again)

Hi Thanks for your reposes.

I dont know somehow today i opened my wallet without resetting or doing anything and my migrated coins has appeared. Also the migration table has appeared.

Thank you for your support

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