After migration Safexcoins are gone

Hi guys.
ndinho from reddit told me to write here about my problem.

I migrated the coins like in the describtion but I didn’t make a backup for the new Safexadress.
I dont really remember everything.
It was not a lot but is there a way to get the coins back?
I will download a picture so you can see the process is confirmed.

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During the migration process you’re 1) given some keys to save, and 2) told to save a .txt file on your computer.

If you didn’t do 1), then most likely you’ll be able to find the 2) text file somewhere (unless you’ve wiped your computer since).

If this is not an option, then i would recommend you wait for the update Safex v8 wallet, which will be able to pull the keys from your existing wallet. This is still a few weeks away though.


I switched from win7 to 10.
So its gone^^

I really appreciate it! I will wait :smiley:

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are there any news when the new wallet v8 will come out?

Just keep reading the weekly announcements each Monday… you’ll see when it gets released