Air drop - how and when?

Can you advise when the air drop will take place and link be to the best info source about the air drop.

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There is an article on Safex News about the Airdrop. Further details will be released officially when we get closer to the date.

In short, the airdrop wont have a fixed deadline, like most airdrops. In fact, airdrop is probably not the right term to describe it.

When the new blockchain has been released, Balkaneum will release a tool which enables you to convert your BTC based Safex tokens over to the new blockchain. The old BTC based tokens will be burned, and you will be credited a 1:1 equivalent of Safex Tokens on the new blockchain.

In addition, you will also be credited roughly 0.0023 Safex Cash for every 1 Safex Token you convert. This is credited at the point of conversion, rather than on a specific date.

Specifics might change over time but i believe this will be the core framework for the “Airdrop”.

This was further commented on during a live Q&A a while back :