[ANN] Project Decorum - Crowdsale

Announcing to the community, in case you haven’t caught this on the safenetwork.io forum:

Finally it is here, the Project Decorum Crowdsale!

I recommend everyone to read the webpages, especially concerning the crowdsale details, as plans have been heavily altered since the Introducing 'Project Decorum’4 thread.

Official website: http://www.project-decorum.com
Crowdsale page: http://www.project-decorum.com/crowdsale

Feel free to ask questions about the crowdsale in this topic.
For questions and comments regarding the Live Proof of Concept, please use the Project Decorum - Live Proof of Concept5 topic.

Thank you for your support!

more info:


I dont understand the utility of those coins

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I couldn’t understand much either, but I’ll not take the risk of miss this train.
Everything here on SafeNetwork is very new, we cannot evaluate things clear.

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If it doesn’t have any utility it doesn’t worth anything even if its new

I’m trying to understand the utility of Clikes as well - I don’t think its been clearly explained yet.

Here’s the best reply I’ve had so far, which kind of makes sense: https://forum.safenetwork.io/t/project-decorum-crowdsale/8474/12?u=davidmc0

Basically, it seems Clikes will be the only way for advertisers to target specific audiences / communities that they’re not a direct part of on any decorum based network / site / forum.

This targeted communication is kept from being spammy because the advertiser needs to gain the genuine interest of their target audience before the influence / exposure bought in exchange for Clikes runs out.

Hope that helps a bit, but I’m still trying to get it myself!

There’s certainly a shot at speculative value. Firstly it is funding a great project, of course even safex will have a forum on the safe network. At this point it is obvious it will be a decorum forum. The coin serves as ‘likes’ and as we know if some member liked a post, we consider that they deemed that post relevant. In decorum you dont get free likes you have to pay in the crowdsale, or the exchange. Or you can Mine them.

The pricing of these “Clikes”, that’s another story; we can see in the future. My take.


Good perspective.

I think there will be ‘free likes’ when you’re a member of a community, and they’ll come from a ‘web of trust’ structure.

The Clikes seem to be more for when someone external to a community wants to bypass the web of trust to get direct access without earning it from the web of trust.

Putting a value on this is very speculative, so for now I’m just glad to support a brilliant project, and committed Safe forum member.

To be honest, I didn’t expect Safex coin to appreciate so much so quickly when it’s not yet been proven (nor did anyone else I guess!), so perhaps I’ll be surprised again :smiley:


To form and stabilize precise patterns of tissue organisation during development, it is essential that cell movement is strictly controlled. For example, some tissues are assembled by the targeted migration of cells, wiring of the nervous system requires the guidance of neuronal growth cones to the correct destination, and tissue patterns are maintained by constraints to the intermingling of adjacent cell populations.
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#with nature vs against nature

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Can you please explain that a bit, as it’s certainly above my head, though I’m sure you’re making a good point :smiley:


rewarding likes = attraction is the method nature implements in the process of evolution.
Universal forces shape - nature - knows no boundaries


‘An advantage that groups have over individual is in their ability to make decisions’

‘Of 10K bees only a few 100 are actually involved in the decision making process.’

‘Several hundred debate to make the best decision’

‘The debate process is base on disagreement’

‘Several options can be debated and explored’

‘The best option will get the most persistently, genuinely and passionately promoted, advertising to recruit supporters’

‘Once enough have been recruited to the best option, the debate is ended’

Nuggets of wisdom gleaned from bees. Thanks @we-advance


I was initially excited about the Decorum crowd sale because I effectively missed the Bitcoin, Ether and SEC bus…I’ve already contributed alot of my MAID to the Decorum crowdsale and have some pending bitcoins to contribute more but now I think I’ve made a big mistake.

To give you an example of why I feel this way is. Lets say 1,000 contribute to PDC (we know that much more than 171 will contribute to PDC). 50M divided by 1,000 is 50k. 50K divided by bitcoin at the price of $400 is 125. So each bitcoin would buy you 125 PDC compared to 16,984,400 SEC if you had contributed $400 to that crowd sale. (400 times 42,461).

Because of this limited supply, the price will naturally go up and be much higher than the current SEC price. Once the PDC crowdesale is done and it goes on the same exchange at Bittrix (which is Seneca’s goal) this small group of maidsafe followers, enthusiast will see the big price difference between SEC and PDC. I’m assuming the the price will go immediately down from the cost of the crowdsale simply because of people choosing to go with the cheaper SEC instead. But lets say the price goes up from the cost of the crowdsale…it will still get dumped and soon become worth less then what we paid for it during the crowdsale in the short term.

In the long term I think Decorum is a good investment but in the short term not so much. What do you guys think?


My initial thought is that you are trying to compare apples & oranges.

SEC is fixed, and has earning capacity. SEC was 2 billion
PDC (Clike) is a use once token that will have utility value. PDC is 1/40th at 50 million

Initially the price will have base set by the cost of each PDC and will either rise/fall from there.

From this you have two evaluations to do.

  • how much do you wish to contribute to help decorum be developed.
  • speculation of how much the PDC will be worth (to you) if you keep and/or sell (some)

Oh and the contributions are quite varied, so working on # of people contributing will not tell you much about the worth of each PDC, but rather your contributions compared to total contributed will tell you a lot. Someone contributed 200 thousand MAID (2 tx) and some as low as 930MAID


I don’t know how people will perceive the value of Clikes / PDC, but overall I don’t think the price of each coin (SEC and PDC) in terms of BTC really matters.

I think It’s the market’s perceived value of the sum of the coins that will determine the price of each coin, rather than the other way around, so just because SEC may cost less per coin should not be a reason for PDC to drop in value, especially when they’re quite different projects to each other.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens once PDC hits the exchanges, and even more interesting when the Safe network and these projects are live so we start to see their true potential :slight_smile:


PDC is much more scarce than SEC,
there are more than 2 billions SEC and just 50 millions PDC, Much easier to compare different coins is to see the total market cap

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If clikes are not divisible then I don’t see them being used very often in the course of daily usage of the forum. Does any one know whether or not clikes are divisable?

At the moment I recall they are not, and perhaps will be implemented when on the SAFE Network. the Omni version of the coins are not divisible.

Also [quote=“optictopic, post:16, topic:263”]
If clikes are not divisible then I don’t see them being used very often in the course of daily usage of the forum.

They will be mined… so there can be many upside to their quantity.


50mil clikes divided by $300k (as of April 12th) is 166 clikes per USD or 70,550 clikes per BTC($425). I could also see clikes being used as a method of payment for value added services within the platform.


This already puts PDC at .006 satoshi (425 / 70,550) which is much higher than MAID pre MVP.

At the rate it is going, I’m predicting Decorum hits the million dollar mark or close to it which would mean approx. 50 clikes per USD or 21,250 clikes per BTC ($425). This would mean .02 satoshi per click (425 / 21,250). Much much higher than SEC and many other altcoins.

While it is true that SEC and PDC are apples and oranges and it makes sense to look at the market cap, how many traders / speculators have sense vs emotions and will think of these valid points?

I still tend to think that they will say ‘hey look, a cheaper alternative that will also ride this Maidsafe MVP wave. Let’s pump and dump there instead’.

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I would be surprised if it doubled from where it is now. But if Seneca Does a few more well placed podcasts and interviews the you might be right.

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