Any dev update?

Meant to be an update every Monday, where is the update for the 7th?

Don’t really mind the odd delay (although Safex is littered with them) just let us know.

All there has been is the @safex Twitter account has tweeted out something cryptic about SFT.

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This is an indication to expect a delayed update…

Didn’t see this, sorry.

Still isn’t it 10am Tuesday in Hawaii?

Yes, but take it more as a general message that the update will be late this week, rather than reading it verbatim.

Verbatim! That’s a new word I’ve learnt today :slight_smile:

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Safex is traveling in light-hour that’s why today means this week.

Aloha team!

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They are launching the marketplace in two days. It’s understandable that they are very busy and have no time for an update this week. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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I’ve heard from people inside the locked Discord that the 10th date is probably not happening anymore. Which is why I am wondering.

No one talks on the forum, Discord should be opened again.


I’ve read that @aussiesloth, I was in there a long time ago, but left due to all the rubbish sprouted by certain members. Just seems everyone in the locked Discord knows more than anyone else, the forum has been pushed so much for people to use but no one is using it for general discussion.

Which leaves everyone not in the locked Discord at a disadvantage, which leads to the dreaded FUD.

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It is simply community members making idle speculation. There’s been nothing from Dan or the Team regarding any change to the date.

And remember, it is only a Target Date.

As with all things regarding the project, dates are goals to work towards, but are always subject to change, as dictated by progress with the work being done.


Bring back Rich Bate!! When he was about things were communicated much clearer.

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You may want to scroll back through the posts on the forum and refresh your perspective on who communicates what. (Hint: use the user avatar pics as a guide as you scroll down the page)


Neither, makes you think what’s going on behind closed doors in the Discord. Why not just close the Discord and all use the forum?

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we have more than 100 dev updates every monday on time now we are launchinng which is not just pushingn on little utton.

ok… and what is the point, just to try to offend or hurt people’s ffeelings i dont get it?


Com’on mate, discord is the same as Facebook, just used for friends to communicate, get the latest fud, complain and so on, there is not that much happening on safex discord, but sometimes good chat, anything on discord is coming from information that is out there for everyone, don’t worry if anything happens it wont be on discord or facebook first, it will be here on the forum


damn, no dev update yet. I better sell everything right now.


Things are good here, the discord has many hastily voiced OPINIONS which take away from valuable information. Let it go!

Lol. I’ve been holding this project the longest. Funniest comment ever.
So close now I’m sweating excitement.