Any idea on Sails V9?

Hi. I haven’t been able to see my migrated tokens in Orbiter because of blue screen problem. Despite homebrew and other efforts it didn’t fix it. So I’d just like to know if a new wallet is due soon.

The next wallet will be the GUI TWM wallet which will also include the Marketplace interface for the launch of the v1 marketplace.

Timeline is still not locked into stone, but we are hopefully only some weeks away :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

As a side note, if you’ve got the skills to homebrew, etc, you could always go to the cli wallet as a short term option.

Thanks mate. So my new address that I have that was received after migration that starts with Safex and a whole string of letters and numbers iirc as well as private spend key etc will still apply to open new wallet?


To restore you will need…

  • Safex… long string = address
  • Private Spend Key
  • Private View Key

Legend. Thanks mate. I’ll just wait for new GUI wallet on release then. Thanks again.

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