Bitcoin "dust" in old Safex wallet / blockchain

I was looking in the Safex migration wallet (I already completed that successfully) and notice that I still have a bit of bitcoin in there but I don’t see any obvious way to send the bitcoin from the safex wallet back to my trezor wallet for bitcoin. Is this bitcoin “dust” as some call it just stuck there forever or am I missing a way to send it out of there as it seems to be no longer needed since we no longer use the old blockchain. Thanks in advance.

You select BTC in the send area of the wallet, instead of Safex. Then you can send it to wherever you want.

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Thanks yes I see it now. I tried it however and it doesn’t work. Says I don’t have enough bitcoin to send it but that’s not true it can plainly be seen that the transaction fee is significantly lower than the balance of bitcoin so I think there may be a bug in the send bitcoin function.

You could also import your private key in any other btc wallet to see if it’s really a dust problem or something from safex walket…

Or you check btc explorer how big the chunks are…

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Yes importing into another wallet worked for me. Close that chapter of our SAFEX story, ready for the next chapter(s). Thanks.