Blockreward adjustment

Hey all, I read in the bluepaper that blockreward was getting adjusted at block 787500, but now that we passed that blocknumber the blockreward stays the same. Did I miss some update somewhere?


Hi YoshiL,

If you look here;

There was a delay that is explained.

Now normally a year is 262,980 blocks, then if you addition this with the adjustement actually being at 525,991 then you end up with; 788,971 as the block that should receive the adjustement !
Unless again there would be a need for delays.


The cause of delay is block reward penalties… Safex: The Dynamic Block Size

In 2019 it occurred on 263008 (from target 262500)
In 2020 - 525991 (from target 525000)
Each year of block reward penalties offsets the start of the next year’s starting block, so it continues to throw forward.
As we were almost 1000 blocks out in 2020, then the increase won’t happen before at least that much past the target 787500 block, plus additional from the last year.

My guess is 789000ish

Dan’s estimate is 788940

But that could also be slightly inaccurate with any further block reward penalties that occur in the coming blocks.


tnx, almost there :slight_smile:


788972 was it :ok_hand: