[Bug Report] Wallet v1.0.0 Mac X El Capitan 19.11.6 - blue screen

Operating System

Mac OS X El Capitan version 19.11.6

Brief description of the bug

Downloaded the latest wallet (which should have corrected the blue screen issue). Now, I can see the main menu screen (before, I couldn’t, so the update fixed that). However, when I click Recover Wallet with Keys, getting stuck on another blue screen.

Steps to reproduce

  • Load Safexcashwallet.app
  • Click 'recover wallet with keys"
  • Add in my address, secret viewkey and secret spendkey.
  • Adding in password (twice)
  • Click ‘recover’
  • Popup to save file appears.
  • Enter file name as ‘safexcash’ and click save.

Actual result

Blue screen appears and nothing happens. The file also hasn’t been saved.

Expected result

Recover wallet.

Reproduces how often?

Every time

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Thanks for reporting this @Kiyoshi99. I’ll pass it on to the devs to review.

I will DM you a link to a special debugging build you’ll be able to help us narrow down what’s causing the issues.

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Hi @SenhorCastor i’ve replied to you in the post you created earlier. Best to keep this issue separate to this bug report.