[Bug Report] Wallet v1.0.0 - macOS 10.14.4 No balance [Fixed]

Operating System

macOS 10.14.4

Brief description of the bug

Import CLI wallet file to V1 wallet shows no balance.

Steps to reproduce

  • Load safexcashwallet
  • Open Wallet -> Browser for cli wallet file

Actual result

Opens wallet with 0 balance

Expected result

Open balance with correct amount

Reproduces how often?

Every time

I was able to load the balance using the secret key method (secret keys generated by CLI)

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Hey @cryptomanic. I believe this is sorted now based on the convo I saw on Discord.

For anyone else that has this issue, where they’ve imported their key and 100% sure it’s correct but not seeing any balance, you can force the wallet to rescan the blockchain.

Simply go into the private keys menu, and at the bottom there is a button that says “Rescan”. Press it and give your wallet 5-10 mins to rescan.

Your balance should then appear.

If after this your balance doesn’t appear, double check you imported the right keys.

(Or also when loading a wallet created in cli)

I’ve seen some cases of balances not fully updating after the initial key import. Normally it’s due to some kind of interruption during that sync communication - like the computer going to sleep, or a blip in the internet connectivity.

If in doubt, rescan.


Yeah that did the trick