[Bug Report] - Wallet v1.0.0 - Win 10 - Check on max available SFX when sending

Operating System

Windows 10

Brief description of the bug

When sending SFX, the available amount is beeing checked to check whether the user has sufficient funds to do the transactions (sending amount + fee). Somehow when the sending amount is close the max available it reveals this check is not correct. Looks like some figures don’t add up or substraction is done multiple times, or wrong amounts are substracted.

Steps to reproduce

  • Load Safexcashwallet
  • Open your wallet
  • Have some available amount
  • Send close to available amount, but less than max minus fee

In my case i had 2872.67 sfx available, tried sending 2853 + 18.9 fee (total 2871), did not proceed
I tried multiple times to find out the boundary. Transaction proceded to confirmation at sending arround 2774 till 2783 SFX plus arround 19 fee which is a total of 2792/2802. Might be dependend on the fee.

Somehow to me looks like the check is “Sending Amount < (Available SFX Amount - SFX dollar value)” , because at some point 2785 was not allowed and 2783 was allowed and 2872SFX - 87 dollar is arround 2785. (much of a cooincidence ) So thresshold might be dependend on the dollar value and not the fee, if this is the case.

Actual result

Not able to send close to max available SFX

Expected result

Be able to send close to max available SFX

Reproduces how often?

Every time

Why is the fee that high anyway :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth: when sending from my other wallet the fee is less than 1 sfx, and the problem does not occure …:woozy_face:
Tried this wallet again and problem returns, you guys try to debug this with above mentioned numbers. If you need more info let me know

Thanks for reporting this @Thomas. I’ll get it sent to the developers to review and offer some feedback.

I was actually talking to the developers last night about the fee. We’ll get it looked into. It’s effectively how the wallet + blockchain composes the transaction.

When we released the graphical wallet, it was the first time we saw the network handle lots of larger transactions in one go - un the 100K+ area.

The devs have a solution to this but need some time to work it out.

With regards to the bug you mentioned above - i’ll get it looked at.