[Bug Report] Wallet v1.0.0 - Win 7 - Address Book Window

Operating System

Windows 7 Pro SP1

Brief description of the bug

In the Address Book Window… the Add Address button doesn’t work and creates some sort of lockup.

Steps to reproduce

Load Safexcashwallet.exe
Open your wallet
In main menu, click the Address Book button
In the Address Book Window, click the Add button

Actual result

Stops the X (Close) button from returning you to Main Menu, unless you double click the mouse, which changes the wallet from Windowed to Fullscreen (or vice verse), but also frees up access to the close button again

Expected result

Should allow us to add contacts details.

Reproduces how often?

Every time (Edit: intermittently)

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Okay, it seems to be intermittent… Address Book is working for me now, after having the same glitch occur several times in a row.