BUG Report Wallet v1.0.0 Windows 10 no balance/migration error?

Hi guys,

I’ve done the migration process of the old safex.
I had 2 adresses with different amounts. Both adresses show 16/16 confirmations to the burn address.
On my first address i see the SFT and SFX on the migration table.
The second address shows nothing.
Safex 0, pending safex 0, migration table 0.

Installed the new wallet 1.0. recovered and created wallet file with the secret view and spend keys. both addresses shows nothing. rescan don’t helped.

When did you migrate your old safex?

hi daniel,

april the 27th+28th.


The migration script was run last on April 15th,

On your second one though, you have an incomplete setting of your Safex Address

You will need to:

  1. hit migrate
  2. hit reset
  3. choose previously used Safex Address, or make a new if you wish.
  4. take it slow and wait a while when clicking through in between each setting

If this wasn’t clear, let me know, will try to express more clearly.

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ok thanks,
the old safex aren’t shown after hitting reset. hope this is a UI bug.
the history shows that the burn was confirmed.

Yes, the first successfully set Safex Address will get those you already sent through the burn process