[Bug Report] Wallet v1.0.0 - Windows 7 Blue Screen

Operating System

Windows 7
Ubuntu 18.04 (VM)

Brief description of the bug

Used my Migration wallet address which works fine with the CLI to import into the new wallet. I get a blue screen on Windows 7 and also Ubuntu running on a VM on the same Windows machine. A different machine running the same version of Ubuntu directly on the hardware works.

Steps to reproduce

  • Load safexcashwallet
  • Open wallet file
  • OR import using keys
  • OR import using mnemonic seed

Actual result

Wallet turns into a blue screen and never comes out of it, after a long period of loading.

Expected result

Open balance with correct amount

Reproduces how often?

Every time

Thanks for reporting this. I think we’ve narrowed it down to any activity that requires you to sync with the blockchain.

The software devs have it on their review list to check when they come back from easter holiday break.

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Thanks @Rich.bate!