Buying SAFEX from SAFEX with Binance

Dear SAFEX community

2 Days ago, moments before Cryptopia started ‘arguing’ I had send BTC from my Binance account to the BTC adress SAFEX provides to buy directly from their website.
As we speak I have not received any coins in my SAFEX wallet yet.
Also the page with the timer that you get on the safex website when you buy safex got stuck after the first refresh using the button.

I emailed SAFEX yesterday but no respond, I understand the team has allot on their head right now.

I believe I eventually will receive my coins in the wallet but at what price?

Kind Regards

I think it depends on how fills Buy orders. If they have a reserve I’m sure it’ll be at the price when you placed the order.

If they were a broker through Bittrex things might be different, I don’t know how their system works.

You buy off the site and it (used to) buy off bittrex. I gather it had a little reserve (maybe 100K) to quickly fulfill 100K or less purchases.

Never received my coins…


Mr Dabek immediately responded back to me now.
Also made clear why I didn’t get my coins back in the day.

All settled now !!

Thanks Daniel, Safex team !!

Thank you for checking back; glad we could get in touch;