Buying tokens on

Hello all,

what happened to the option to buy coins on It has disappeared, I was hoping to buy more.


Now you should go to or to buy SFT or SFX.

This way you still can get your bag of SAFEX filled up, but omni coin is delisted everywhere.

Less confusion this way, the offering SAFEX on was to give an supplement to tradeshatoshi cause binance delisted SAFEX Coin, but now that we have good exchanges, it’s not necessary anymore.


okay, thanks Mex. I’ll look into livecoin, seems the easiest.


I am going to reopen it; although I am coding on something else for the moment.

In the next few weeks many changes will take place, and with it I will relaunch the app for easier acquisitions :wink:

Thanks for the inquiry, I will also reduce the % spread to something more realistic few %s since we have reliable exchanges now.


Live coin is ok, I don’t understand most of it but can buy and send, sft/sfx. I’m very lazy and like it when they convert to USD. It’s funny I need so many exchanges and wallets, why can’t one of each do it all, sigh.

Sounds good, Dan. I was only asking as I was hoping to get some more safe exchange coin, so i get SFT and SFX when migrating.

It was just super convenient to buy it from the website and less transactions too direct with

Less spread % sounds good. I was never too fussed about the extra spread % though, as it’s been long term hold for me.