exchange - SFT/SFX deposits/withdrawals

Is anyone else actually able to deposit/withdraw SFT/SFX on exchange? I cannot, although deposits & withdrawals for other assets seems to be functional. I tried contacting support but haven’t received a response yet.


SFX and SFT are the most recent listings. They haven’t opened W/D yet, following the listing promotion events.

They’ll announce W/D opening when they’re ready.


Okay, thank you Aussie.


So, after 2 months why trading still not avaliable ? It’s really strange listing and no one can trade for 2 months. First time seeing such listing or “promotion”.

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It indeed is obscure. It falsely inflates sft price. If I could I would sell my sft on the spot for bw current price.

The answer here is simple. They’re waiting on Dan to give them the go ahead. If they opened now, you would see a lot of sell pressure because there is no MP. New wallet will give some perspective and you will rethink selling for these ridiculously low prices. Do some research and understand what you own


Do you wanna buy for this “ridiculously low price”?

thats quite a speculation. I don’t think Dan has anything to do with it.

It’s purely the exchange. But I’m not sure if they have finatial reasons to keep it closed or if it’s technical.

Dan definitely has something to do with it. The foundation paid through the nose for these listings. There’s a strategy when it comes to release, listings etc. and yes, I’ve been buying these low prices for two years now. Own a lot and won’t be selling for many many years

Is amazing how some people talk as if in possession of facts. :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:


dan doesn’t own the exchange. please think before you type and stop creating lousy stories based on your own speculation alone.

The exchange itself is the one that decides this


Marketplace, then exchanges. Watch and learn, folks :slight_smile:

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The simplest solution could be to connect Safex to the Stellar (XLM) ecosystem and that will enable almost infinite possibilities to exchange Safex to any other currency…

@sujkosz hi and welcome, two weeks ago you also made a post offering the same. There was 0 respons. Now, there is 0 respons again. It might be more interesting for this community if you could motivate why Safex needs that. Now it only looks like you’re trying to score some projects in the best interest of Stellar. I’m not trying to put you down. I’m curious if you can convince us. XLM is a great project by the way. Good for them they can get so many transactions going :+1: but this is about Safex, so how would it benefit Safex in your opinion? Can you be specific?


(And let’s not hijack this thread in the process :wink:)


You got me! That is exactly what I mean but if you don’t understand the benefits of decentralized open exchange then there is no common ground in any further discussion. Isolation is not the way to gain recognition…
Market Cap $7,059,223,199 vs Market Cap $1,369,838 - guess which is which and which coin desperately needs much more visibility and awareness compared to the other one…


The best solution to this, obviously the Safex core team (the group working full time day to day) is substantially limited than all of these other cryptocurrency projects (that are mostly centralized and backed by venture capital companies).

We are sorting through some expansion plans; however, the most valuable thing @sujkosz would be if you could initiate something beyond simply dropping in and saying that this would be great. Probably we all agree, but how to execute from here? If it you think it is a great idea, please pursue it, we will support you if you show some initiative.


Just do it we support you and got your back Glad you have arrived, (Now Show Us proving your sincerity without ???)

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Great to see there is an interest in this as the lack of time/resources is something different than the lack of interest. I was told by some guys who made another coin available on Stellar that this is quite simple so I’ll try to investigate on that and will help you to make this step forward.


I appreciate that, to just keep in mind, even simple things are not easy for our existing team to implement aside from the main product items we are putting together. In our future planning I expect this to change; however, the more help we can gain from people such as yourself, the farther we can go, together.

Let me know if there is some way that you thought that I can support your efforts. If possible someone to implement, realize we don’t have $ to allocate towards that either, otherwise we would have expanded and had those team members by now as well. We can help with advice and support with technical knowledge, and gladly so. :pray: