exchange - SFT/SFX deposits/withdrawals

Hey Dan I’m not bailing. There’s risk with everything we do in life. A bigger risk for me would have been not taking a risk in the first place. My strategy was to invest what I could afford to lose, and long term if necessary. Others may not have followed this strategy. I hope this project succeeds, for all of us, and just wanted to say that I appreciate all that’s been accomplished thus far.


Thanks! me too, I didn’t bail either, I look back and am glad we’re at this point we are today. What was built here had to be done, the world needs it.


it’s looks like we can deposit / withdrawal on now !!! did anyone deposit her/his token on ? what is meaning of memo ??/


I’d like to use the BW exchange, but I don’t know what is the memo thing and where I can find it.

It’s also called a destination tag: What is Destination Tag for XRP, XLM and Monero

Thank you for the link, but you did nothing to show me how to use the memo.
As far as I can see, there is no “tag” or “memo” field in TWM when making a transaction.

The twmwallet is not yet capable of including a memo/paymentID. Only cli wallet currently has this capability.

But I expect it will get added in a future iteration, much like feedback, etc.

Remember, this is only v1 of the GUI wallet. It will develop over time.


Is it possible to send SFT from xcalibra to BW and sell the tokens there or not?

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I think - No… You need a memo for deposits - afaik you can’t tell Xcalibra the memo info when you make the withdrawal request.

Currently you would need to use the cli wallet as the send point, as memo (PaymentID) is not yet functional in the twmwallet.


Ok, thanks, I will try to do that.


They disable SFT/SFX deposits/withdrawals again.


The memo field is being replaced with integrated addresses.


Hi, i hold Safex since a long time, and i’m willing to buy more, is it safe to buy and hold on BW until the withdraw open to keep them on the wallet ?


It could work, though is more specialized on Safex, more coins of Safex trade on; no problem to use yet xca is more reliable so far.


Great, thank you Dan.


Hi @dandabek,
I wanted to buy SFT on with my debit card. I don’t want to buy any other coin, but I didn’t see an SFT option to buy using fiat in U.S. dollars. Is there a way to do this? If not at this time, will it be in the future?
I really don’t want to use and have to buy USDT or any other exchange or coin.


If @dandabek et al manage to get wrapped SFX any time soon we might see some liquidity and ease of use for safex.


Hi dear community, slowly but surely buying more safex, i just have one question, do we have any news on opening the withdrawal on BW exchange ? I had like to stake my coin on the TWM.

Best regard.

It was opened shortly, but with message instead of integrated address.
If they need as long to change the system as they needed to open it once it might still take a little time…
But last time no one knew it ahead that they open, so I guess this time they wont communicate it first either.

Alright, thanks.