Can there be an SFT/US dollar pair on xCalibra?

I would like to thank @dandabek and his team for this promising development bringing xCalibra into the fold here in the United States!

Included below is a link to questions and comments that I posted a while ago, and directly below that is a link to a tweet from @officialdabek, in which he provides a list of states in the U.S. that are authorized to trade with xCalibra.

I hope eventually that Connecticut will be included on this list, but this is a real good start - way to go @dandabek. I think your efforts, and efforts such as this will be huge for adoption of Safex right here in the United States!

Thanks for your innovative ideas, dedication and commitment to the project:

Dan Dabek :wolf: (@officialdabek) Tweeted:

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Yes @jcasale a next step in the Xcalibra saga is to open a bank account and there are several states in which we are already enabled to turn on a USD pairing for SFX and SFT.

The great part is that we are already geared up to do so using our RSD infrastructure to upstart the USD on the platform.


Hi @dandabek,

The State of Connecticut is really doing all it can, I believe, to keep crypto under control in a centralized way. The screenshot below is taken from a recent email I received:

Maybe in the future you could consider making SFT and SFX available directly from, or maybe the TWM wallet, as an SFT/USD and SFX/USD pair? USD is an acronym for US dollars in fiat. I’m not heavy into crypto, just Safex. All my bags are in Safex so it would be good for me not to have buy any other crypto for when I want to purchase SFT or SFX :pray:. Hopefully, Connecticut could not prevent this as well!

I know you’ve been spearheading the availability of xCalibra as an authorized exchange in all 50 states, but Connecticut is impossible! They won’t allow either. I’m hoping Connecticut can not also interfere with my ability to use The World Marketplace (i.e. TWM wallet)!

Appreciate your leadership and how far you’ve moved the project along :+1:


@jcasale, there are some strategies that I am aware of for TWM to offer such a service, likely it will be soonest available directly for purchase with a credit card/debit card.

As for Xcalibra, the registration in all 50 states is underway, and from what I can tell you the services binance offers in terms of leveraged trading product and other unconventional products are a likely culprit why they are banned aggressively.


Yes, I’m not registered with Binance or I am registered with xCalibra and Bitstamp. But I hope to only use xCalibra moving forward.

That video you shared of yourself, Aharon Bernal and others from Miami was very motivating! I think anyone who watches that will really appreciate all the hard work, time and money you’ve invested!