Cannot login after factory reset

I just had to reset my computer. After the reset I re-installed the safex wallet. I tried to get back my wallet by using the .dat file in the import wallet part and my password. So far so good. I was able to get into my wallet. When I then close the wallet and restart it again it does not give me the possibility to login. It only gives me the possibility to make a new wallet or to import the wallet. How can I get it set-up again so I can login to correct way.

You need to do the import, then when you are inside… export your “unencrypted keys”

Next “create wallet” from the login page/import page

In your new wallet, you can copy the “private key” from the file you exported “unencrypted keys”

copy those private keys into “import key” box in your newly created wallet

Problem solved. Thanks for the quick support.

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