Can't import old wallet

Hi everyone, I bought Safex a while ago got the wallet, did the migration (couple years ago i think),and then got confused and gave up. I got the new wallet’s infos (address, 2xspend keys, 2 private keys) but was never able to import it and to actually look at my new wallet.

Today i got back trying to get everything back, downloaded the 0.0.8 wallet and also the TWM 1.0.0
Not sure if i need both or if just the TWM will do?

Anyway i tried both and I’m stuck

Wallet 0.0.8:

  • on the home screen before i login, if i chose “import” they ask me for a .dat file which i dont have
  • if i create a new wallet and then try to import i get “invalid key” regardless of what i put in there (private spend, private view…, both…) The only thing working is when i put the address of my old before-migration wallet, which i can then import

TWM 1.0.0

  • I’ve put the after-migration wallet address (starting with SafexXXX), with my private spend and view keys. It worked but i have 0 SFX and 0 SFT

Tried to give as much details as i could, if someone could help it’d be great.


Wallet 0.0.8 is only for the old SAFEX (BTC/Omni) token - completely irrelevant now.

For TWM, you just weren’t patient enough. There are a few issues with the v1 of TWM, one of them being that the password refuses to save properly when restored from keys (it works fine with mnemonic seed restore).

You could grab the old, obsolete Orbiter v2 wallet, restore from keys and grab your mnemonic seed, and then restore from seed in TWM, OR just restore from keys again in TWM and wait AT LEAST an hour. You can look in the :gear: (Transaction history) to see if old transactions are being found.

If for some reason, it hasn’t shown balances after an hour, I’d recommend hitting the Hard Rescan button and leaving it another hour.

ok done, it worked. Thanks mate

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I just sent all of my SFX from my Oribtal wallet to the new market wallet TWM but I still have thousands of SFT and a few hundred SFX just “Pending”
They’ve been pending since 2019 apparently.
I sent them way back when Americans could still be on Xcalibra

You really should educate yourself on crypto wallets. There is absolutely no need to send coins anywhere, in order to use a newer wallet. As Orbiter can no longer sync to top block after the v7 hardfork in December 2020 (when marketplace code went live), the balances it displays can be unreliable. has compiled an extensive resource library to assist in that education. All you needed to do was restore your existing Safex address in the TWM wallet using either seed or keys.

If you restore that original address into TWM, you’ll know for sure if any coins still remain there.

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