Can't move my BTC from my Safex wallet

Greetings! I have some BTC in my Safex wallet (I had to move it over to cover fees, which is asinine that it couldn’t be paid in safex tokens, but it is what it is). Anyway - I’d like to move that BTC back to another wallet now that I’m done with it but whenever I try to complete the transaction (the BTC in my wallet, minus yet another fee; I did all the math out), it says “sent” but the funds just sit there. They don’t move, they don’t disappear; nothing. Even though it says the transaction is “complete”. I’ve tried several times, and multiple denominations. Any ideas - I’d like my BTC to not be held hostage any longer in a wallet not intended for it…

there’s an issue we are addressing

Dan would you consider IOTA for Chille to get over these ridiculous fees and or Ethereum gas?

Seems like wave of the future and if youre starting out now, take the time and do it right. Your investors (the ones not feeling the rush to make $$$) will be ok waiting. You can amend your current timeline and go all in on IOTA. Talk to them.


And here I thought chille was going to be its own blockchain :slight_smile:

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I honestly dont know. We NEED clarity on this. Is there a whitepaper?

Chille is going to be on its own blockchain no questions about it. Look back through the posts on chille.

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and how long do i hawe to w8 if i payd that ‘‘LOW FEE’’ ?

I have my Transaction Pending Since last 3 days now. Not sure what to do at this point.

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yea mine as well

It won’t disappear it will either go through eventually or come back to you.

We’ve added three different fee options so you are not left alone to determine the fee yourself.

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Only ~2000 transactions fit every 10 minutes in a block… look how there are more than 99,000 unconfirmed transactions.

When your fee is lower than the best average you fall into that group of unconfirmed transactions. They go into the Mem pool.

^^ here is a good resource explaining this.

Luckily Chille addresses these issues, we’ll be crossing that bridge as soon as possible. We are not holding out on anyway and moving as quickly as we can.


You would think everyone would know not to send anything with less than priority fee. If they want to see it within 48hrs anyways. Better to entice the miners then play a game of “not it” with them.

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i didn´t recived the genesis payment, is not showing on the blockchain info
just lost my btc? any help?

Thanks for the good working, great future coin

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Don’t see any bitcoins coming to your address, yet there is a safex balance.

IOTA is absolutely worth looking at as an option, can we take a poll and get some concensus?


I’ve been reading through IOTA since yesterday. I would no doubt give it a mention when I concluded.


Awesome. Smart man.

how long does it actualy take for not confirmed ammounts to return to your wallet ?