Chille Blockchain and Network

I am reserving this post to keep us informed on updates about the state of the Chille Blockchain and Network development.




Hey, i forgot to ask you this, but do you have time estimates of all of those next steps?


Yes absolutely, the plan is to have the blockchain up and running by the end of April/ month of May, That’s Alpha One.

This means we can mine this blockchain, transfer funds, and do trades.

The reason we do more than one stage, is because we will want to test the software; and integrate features we have not thought of yet.

Once we are in Beta, we can still continue to add features. I anticipate our full launch will be in August/September.

Add: even though we are launched we can still continue to add features and upgrades


Do you intend to add API for traders?


Yes there will most certainly be an RPC daemon for the blockchain’s full node this can act as the API a robotic trader will need.

This will require using the full blockchain to do trades. You can run your own full node, or use someone else’s.

Safe Exchange Client will also provide a scheme to let people trade without running their own full node.


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When will Chill blockchain go live. Also is there a Master node/node info?


why does it say to enter your “Bitcoin Public Key” When purchasing, Shouldn’t it be "enter your “Safex address” to recieve coins?


Nice, cant wait till the app is out, which would make it much easier to give some away introducing new people to crypto. :slight_smile:


@dandabek, in my continuous searchs for flaws in Safex/Chille concept (and still failing miserably lol) in order to correct valuate this project, a thought crossed my mind.

Chille is a pass to anonimity using other cryptos pseudo-anonymous such as bitcoin, they are value that enters our project. With Chille, you can transact goods in Safex in stealth mode…

So, why not do it with Monero or Dash? I understand that the value of Chille would come from the association of an anonymous crypto plus a marketplace = anonymous marketplace…

Nowadays, we only have Openbazzar (pseudo-anonymous) or anonymous crypto, separately.

I can see the marketplace aspect of Safex being huge, but i fail to see sucess of Chille outside the Safex enviroment. The only way to Chille overthrow those famous coins by itself is being a typical cash… being really, really cheap in value and fast (And how can we incentive this!?).

Maybe Dogecoin didn’t make it because it didn’t have a use case like Safex. On the other hand, If Chille is just a “slave”, chances are that a close-Apple/iOS enviroment is created (even if it is open-source).

Can u comment on that?


@uqaz super insightful, this is where my passion is coming from. Please keep up these posts I think this is happening because Ive been observing and participating in so much of this space, that I see opportunities and this is the one I’m all over right now.

I think you said, so for me Im reiterating the speed = more income for safex holders.

Without income from somewhere who is going to onboard the merchants, and the take care of feature improvements and upgrades?


The only way to Chille overthrow those famous coins by itself is being a typical cash… being really, really cheap in value and fast (And how can we incentive this!?).

I think you said, so for me Im reiterating the speed = more income for safex holders

I didn’t mean safex owners with this, what would be the incentives for miners to secure a low valued coin, with a low fee transaction blockchain? How do you turn this into a fast and secure blockchain?

Do you think merchants should be miners? If so (and i think you expressed it by your second answer), why do you think they will accept this burden? Unless it is very, very cheap and easy to create Chilles, but fair, i can’t see merchants entering this realm. Can you?

Or do you think merchants could outsource this to developers, mantainning the cheap-to-produce-and-secure blockchain?

I’m with u… possibilities are endeless if we ad nauseum possible flaw scennarios here lol.


AFAIK there are 3 projects focusing on Decentralized Marketplace.

There are probably more out there. Regardless of the differences, I think it’s important to be aware of competition. If Chille + SAFEX are to succeed in this environment, we need to meet or exceed the following demands…

  1. Ease of use for merchants and consumers.
  2. Low transaction costs.
  3. High liquidity and product availability.
  4. Security VS Speed.
  5. Investor Stake and Return on Investment.

As a business analyst, I put these in order of importance. Now I will go into detail…

  1. Merchants need to POST items easily and ADJUST prices quickly. Consumers need to SEARCH for items easily, and FILTER results quickly.
  2. Low transaction costs should be obvious. But with crypto currency volatility, it’s not so simple. There are several ideas to STABILIZE the “fiat value” of a crypto currency. The USDT (Tether) has been somewhat successful. If the fiat value is kept stable, then transaction fees remain low.
  3. High liquidity goes hand in hand with product availability. If we do #1 and #2 really well… #3 will happen naturally.
  4. Crypto currency markets are still in the early stages, trying to balance between SECURITY and SPEED. Ideally, we want the best of both or at least the option to have both.
  5. SAFEX investors love this part. We have VOTING influence, and coming soon… investor profit from the Chille Blockchain. The ROI (Return on Investment) from Chille is most appealing! It’s insanely expensive to start a mining operation. But cost of entry to gain Chille coin depends on how much SAFEX Coin you have. We need to balance between (Chille Miners and SAFEX Investors). This is a better way to distribute Chille Coin compared to other blockchain projects.

Finally, my personal favorite is the 2 currency system.

SAFEX for Investors
Chille Coin for Consumers


@dandabek Hey how are we looking on the estimated time right now?


I will be able to give a clear picture post wallet delivery.

Edit: Seeing the post I had made in March, because of structuring I can definitely say that we will need more time to get through alpha version of Chille and move into the Parameterization and then Beta.

We had an detrimental event of having a disagreement with a developer who was in a critical role. And to alleviate that I’ve structured the Safex company so that we can have a formal set up going forward for our team mates. This restructuring took quite some time (more than 2 months) But it is finished 100% as of today.

And you can see the quality of our work is shooting up significantly. It looks better our team mates feel better and our bringing in additional developers is much easier to complete our team. Right now I am building the wallet, which should be handled by a dedicated Javascript developer.

I am okay to handle it, however, once the wallet is built I will transition back to Chille development and we will certainly have hired the javascript developer who will code the marketplace interface to connect with my chille backend code :slight_smile:

Hope this doesn’t disappoint anyone really… if you saw the designs we had in the beginning all done by myself… you’d bawk. So I’m glad how we’ve handled everything and even impressed by our great team so far and look forward the wallet release, and the further lightening of the load of javascript responsibilities.


Where can I find detailed description of chille blockchain? and will it have a smartcontract scripting language similar to ethereum?


Adding to this can marketing create a simple graphic that shows how communication between the wallet and the chili blockchain works when you make a purchase or sell/list something. Which technical functions are in place to protect your ip when making a transaction. Some sort of TOR-like system?

A simple graphic that has both technical terms but is also visually easy to read for non technical people would be really strong I think, I would like to be able to show outsiders, this is how you are secure with SAFEX and this is what makes this marketplace so great. For now it stays a bit vague how exactly your privacy is kept