Coin purchase via Safex problem

Hi all,
I went through the coin purchase process on the safex site, sending my btc to the address specified. The timer ran out - no surprise there with current BTC transaction times so I clicked the reset button timer as it said to do.

The page reset as I guess it is supposed to but the timer is now stopped on 15mins and not moving. I have at least 6 confirmed transactions now on the BTC but no confirmation on the Safex screen.

anyone any idea what I can do here? I don’t want to close or refresh the window but now not sure if my transaction has been confirmed.

Still no coins received 1.5 days later.

BTC transaction went through to the address Safex gave me to deposit into -

But the public/wallet address I was given has not been touched.

No coins have appeared in my wallet yet.

Sent two emails to Safex via the ‘contact’ button on their site with zero reply. Is there another support option?

My coin now seems to be in limbo with no support options.

Posting here to try and get some support from Safex


HI FnordEX, I have the same issue, yesterday I bought the coins on the website, I believe worth mentioning here ist that I bought them at a shockingly high rate, several times more than the last quote on market cap which unfortunately I checked / found out after the purchase (I already adressed this point at another post though). The transaction is complete but I haven’t received any coin in my wallets until now. SAFEX mentioned up to 24 hours on their website, I hope the coins will be credited to our wallets soon / SAFEX is coming back to us.

If you’d done a little research you would have found there is trading channels setup to buy safex off other users who will generally offer a price much closer to the previous exchange price this way you could have got 3x more safex for your money

Lol glad I’m not the only sicker. From McAfee to buying rediculously high and not even getting anything) good luck to us all

I finally received my coins as of yesterday, took 4 days all in. Still no contact/reply from support in any way whatsoever via three forms of communication. A simple post (or reply to mine) on their own support forum could have cleared this up quickly for the many people sending money then finding they are not receiving their coins within their own indicated ‘24 hrs’ Pretty poor customer service. Building confidence in using their coin is key to success.

‘Jesus’ research was done and I decided I would rather trust ‘direct from the creator’ with my money rather than trading channels despite the price difference. Obviously backfired in this case