Coins already in SAFEX Wallet but showing $0.00 next to coin balance


I transfered my coins to my Mac Safex wallet and its all good they are showing up correctly as 3,900 coins… ive got more coins to send through however just want to make sure this is correct.

Even though my coin balance is 3,900 it shows a $0.00 balance as follows:

Is this how its supposed to be? Shouldn’t there be a $0.00 balance showing in the wallet matching my coin balance?


Do a search

I may not know the answer but this has been discussed plenty of times. Usually it has not picked up the price off the site that prices all coins

Hi Rob,

I just checked all the articles you mentioned but none of them address actually having SAFEX coins on your wallet with a $0.00 balance next to it… Articles were actually helpful to understand the BTC balance on the wallet so thanks for that.

My question was more on the fact that the SAFEX coins are in my wallet but showing a $0.00 balance next to it.

You know what i mean? Anyone?


There is no real price set yet
Currently… Priceless…

I just transferred some SafeX coin from coinspot to my new SafeX wallet. How long does it take to transfer ? As it’s been 20 mins and still nothing

it took 5 minutes with me… make sure you click on “refresh” which looks like a circled arrow in your SAFEX Wallet. :control_knobs:

Also even if you havent received the coins yet they should show up in “pending” status…

Let me know how you go after youve tried it.

Still nothing. I typed in my number keys from SafeX wallet into my coinspot and send. Hope I did it right.

I would always recommend to either scan the QR code and if not possible copy paste the address in this case (your SAFEX wallet address) into the receiving address. Did you actually type the number keys one by one? Whats showing up on your coinspot account under your SAFEX wallet at the bottom? It should say pending or complete or anything like that.

I typed numbers in but tripled checked it.
There is no pending also on safex

I only sent 500 SafeX for trial

Whats the status showing in the bottom of your SAFEX wallet in coinspot?

It says status complete

Where’s your SAFEX wallet then? Mac? Windows?

Mac book air

  1. Does the status show “Synchornized” with a green light?

  2. Click on the refresh (attached image with arrow on where to click)

Yeah. That’s all green and have refreshed

Sorry cant help you then… maybe someone from SAFEX can help? I hope you idnt type in the wrong letters and numbers… Let me know.

Thanks so much for your help. I’ll let you know how I go.

I suggest this is the reason. The wallet has to get the current price off other sites that price coins