Compiling and mining for NEWBIES - HELP

I’ve been interested in supporting this project from the beginning and I have zero software engineering/ programming experience AT ALL, but I could see the potential for the upheaval of the entire e-commerce space with the inevitable ousting of Alibaba , ebay and Amazon.

With that being said, I’m wondering how else I can get involved - I have bought over 300K safex coins (despite the hate and silly behaviour last year), I have been discussing Safex on my Steemit blog and I’m trying to mess around with my PC to get into the whole mining thing.

This may be a series of questions that could benefit other inexperienced users who are also trying as they might to get themselves involved. I guess I’ll just fire away and hope a few people here can provide some answers!

  1. I’ve only got an AMD system running an FX6300 cpu with 8gb RAM running Windows 10. I downloaded and booted Ubuntu from USB and running it on a virtual machine. When I go to compile, I get errors along the way. The thing I’ve been changing is only how many cores I’m allocating for use - I tried 3 got to 53%. I tried more (4), it got to 65% before failing. I’ve tried backwards and forwards hoping something would change. I finally got to 83% (as of this message) on 1 core. Who knew less was more. However, I’m not holding my breath as it’s been sitting on 85% for a few minutes (it is currently building the wallet).

Is there any method to my madness here? How can one effectively allocate resources to get past just the compling stage without all the hiccups?

  1. I’m in two minds at the moment as to whether I should be buying more Safex coins instead of investing in a safex cash mining rig. However, my question here is when GPU mining comes online, can I mine using the same process (through the terminal on ubuntu) or will I need to do something else?

  2. This might sound like a super-idiotic question BUT, are we only mining Safex cash or should/could we be mining safex coins/tokens?


Hello @nickmorphew,

You may also want to consider joining a mining pool to be operational in the very near future. Here is a link if you would like to investigate further:

There is also a dedicated channel for Safex Cash mining advice available with the Safex Discord Community. @gcraftjr may also be able to assist you.

Best Wishes!


Load a fresh copy of Ubuntu on a seperate drive. Get rid of the virtual machine.

Look for YouTube videos from Safex news Rich Bate. His videos will walk you thru each step.

When Main net comes out we are supposed to be able to use a program in Windows to join a pool. Or they are also making it compiled in Windows so u can self mine on CPU or GPU.

I used XMR stack for mining Monero so it’s pretty much the same process for Safex Cash.

You will only be mining safex CASH. Safex tokens will be what u use to lock into your wallet for market place dividends.

Hope this helps.


Very helpful. I’ve been mining on the test net now since yesterday and all is going well.

Can’t wait for the main net release. Just had a used system given to me that I plan on adding a new gpu to (any ideas… thinking a 1060… but its confusing… so many mixed messages!). Money is no issue, but it seems pointless to buy a single flagship gpu when you’ll use less power and get a reasonably closely performing setup using last years gpu’s.

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If I was to build another one I would use the new board Asus os coming out with. 20 GPU board. Straight USB to riser cards. It will be released in August sometime. I use RX580 cards now but would prefer 1070ti or 1080ti in my next one.