Completely Uninstall SafeEx Wallet

So I installed the wallet to test it. Didn’t load it with any money. However, as I was testing it, I must have fat fingered the password or something cause now it wont let accept the password i thought i used. So I figured I would simply uninstall it and start over. (i did back up the address and key).

So after uninstalling, I reinstalled but it prompts me for a password still. So im guessing that it’s reading something off my pc and is therefore not resetting to it’s default mode allowing me to create a new wallet.

Can someone explain how I can COMPLETELY un-install this so that I can re-install and start over?


Pressing the button circled in red will destroy the existing wallet.

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Just go into your software panel (assuming you have a windows operating system) and find the ‘safexwallet.exe’ file. Uninstall that file and re-install the wallet. Choose ‘new wallet’ and create new password. Import your private key and your done.