correct Password isn't working in TWM

I dowloaded the TWM and clicked on create existing wallet. I linked the safexcashwallet to TWM. I entered the correct password but a message appears ( it looks like you made a mistake). I tried to log back into the safexcashwalllet but it says that this wallet doesn’t exist. Anyone knows what I should do to gain access to TWM or even my safexcashwallet?

Plenty of info on the TWM bugs already here… start at Support FAQ - Please Read THIS before Posting a Question

I can’t tell you what you’ve done with your old Orbiter wallet files.

I had already read the support FAQ… and to recover the wallet with the key… it doesn’t work. and I haven’t done anything to the orbiter wallet files. To log in into the orbiter wallet I choose open wallet… Then I put the password then I need to select the wallet files which I did. It says wallet non existent… what do I do to access my safex orbiter wallet now?

If I were you, I’d restore from keys in orbiter, then get the mnemonic seed from that recovery… then use the seed to restore in TWM, as it doesn’t have the issue with the password saving.

I did enter the keys in order to restore my wallet in orbiter. I clicked recover… then a window pops up. I clicked on the orbiter wallet. It says do you want to replace already existing wallet. I clicked yes… and it says failed wallet already exists.

Is there anything I do wrong to restore my orbiter wallet using my keys?

Sounds like you tried to give it the same file name as your previous wallet file.