Yes and some woolen seat warmers…and a copy of that movie i cant remember the name of.

What are the other issues they alluded to ? Omni ?

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To those who point out to me the obvious i wish to say this: of course i know their reaction is not acceptable.

And like i said we can only truly control what WE can do. We can never control what other people do.
Take your conversation with the admin for example. If you already knew the person you are dealing with is a little volatile, how do you react?

Do you:

  1. Taunt the person further by calling him a “man-child” and throw further insults KNOWING THAT THE PERSON ON THE RECEIVING END WILL NOT HAVE THE MATURITY TO HANDLE THE INSULTS?


  1. Be the adult and cool things down and try to repair relations?

And if you react using (1), while you already know the person is clearly too immature to handle more insults, how are you better than him? You’re not.

This. This is why i say all of us needs to chill, grow up, and be the adults here.
Crypto community in ICO is in a war right now. Everyone is throwing insults everywhere towards other tokens. We need to be the ones who DON’T JOIN THAT. Don’t insult other coins, don’t taunt other exchanges or teams, don’t spread FUD, and help new comers create a nice intellectual environment that creates investor confidence.


well said sir!

I understand your sentiment, but it sounds like the folks at Cryptopia took personal offense, and that being the case, a personal overture is not unreasonable, imho.

I completely agree with everything you’ve said!

Bitcoin Jesus is here, we’re saved x-D

So what do we do? Escalate the situation? Or try our best to calm situations while we quietly discuss for an alternative here in our forums?

Apparently some of you folks think escalating tensions is the better way out.

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I’m sorry but you are confusing me. Few minutes and you changed your mind 180 degrees?

Hey there! Love all your posts. I think you misunderstood me.

When I suggest “personal” options, I’m talking about a statement from Dan, or doing something wacky like I said and ordering them a box of donuts or pizza Monday morning.

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I noticed their news has this added at the bottom : “We also apologise to those that were not involved in the abuse and have treated us respectfully through this process - it is due to you that there will be a final review prior to delisting, however due to other issues with this token as mentioned above this may not change the result.” this implies the delisting is not final and its now up to us as a community to pull together and make this right.” So I’ve done my best to make others aware, keep them calm and relaxed and if needs be head over to cryptopias discord and apologise on behalf of the small minority than felt the need to be overly expressive with their concerns as it was not necessary.

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Why cant safex become an exchange? Why cant safex list other currencies as well as its own. Why cant the fees be another avenue for annual yield? Could this be done. I could be way wrong though but any idea is better than none @SaintDL @Rob @dandabek

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Mind blown.

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This would be an amazing addition and I’ve thought the same, the name is setup for such ventures.

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Sounds perfect too safex exchange fuck it would run the show

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This is what i meant. This is why i say WE SHOULD DO WHAT WE CAN DO.

In case you didn’t know, i sent them an email saying we got some trolls and grievers in our community and there are still alot of people in Safex community who appreciates what they do for us in Bittrexit, and they are doing a good job.


Grieving and raging serves NO ONE.


Great job! It is necessary I just hope and pray that others see this as an opportunity to resolve the problem and follow suit! because all is not lost yet.

Ah yes i agree with you.

well reading at other sensible posts from you guys made me realize that i might be wrong.

i understand their decision. what some of our community did was not appropriate and gave a bad reputation to all of us.

this being said, they over reacted in the way that (like i forgot who) said, you do not delist a coin after 45 minutes of insults/dramas.

the decision was way too fast and in that sense they overreacted. Even they realised it as they may reconsider their decision.

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True. Which is why the things we need to do is simple:

  1. Try to repair and maintain good relations with Cryptopia. Look at them and smile. Don’t say anything. Don’t do anything.

  2. Find a more stable exchange in the meantime.

I still blame the trolls who harassed them. Safex was mooning quite nicely to 310 satoshis aaaaaaannnndd this Fubar hits. ( >.< ) gggrrrrr


New Zealand like Australia have to comply with safe workplace rules and they include conditions relating to abuse of staff by customers and the management have to take steps to minimise such abuse OR be fined under the workplace health and safety rules.

So it does not matter how childish they acted or how much they overreacted, when people started to abuse and threaten the staff in the forums and/or emails and/or support tickets then the management had to take action. Their action was actually correct under the law’s guidelines, even if their reactions were childish.

Now if people do as others and myself have said and apologize and build bridges rather than tear them down, we might be able to have good relations with Cryptopia and learn lessons for the next exchange that lists safex. This way we might have an exchange to trade on before another exchange lists safex, and more exchanges the better,

For management to reverse their decisions they need to have confidence that the abuse/threats will not occur in future.

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