DAO an autonomous organization starting up on Ethereum crowdsale concluded. Price on the market is about the same as it was throughout the crowdsale. In fact if bought ETH at the highs and converted to DAO you will be in a slight loss.

Overtime this thing could grow since there are fixed number of tokens and it represents a perceived ‘share’ of the activities of the organization. That depends on the business activities of the operators who are voted in by owners of the DAO tokens.


DAO moves to crowdsale levels

Will DAO price break free of control by ETH price or will it always be closely tried to ETH price?? That is the 100 DAO to 1 ETH

Interesting question I consider it a lot as well. I think the terms of DAO is more like a company whereas ETH is a consumable. In this case they will decouple with their own random walk. DAO value being driven by its returns from its investments.

Maybe the hype and pump already happened hence its at 150m of capitalization, with actual funds. On the other hand I form the opinion it can triple/quadruple as are the trends in these crypto ecosystems. No way to know exactly, and I only put one coin to get the pulse on it. .00022

DAO maintaining its USD price; IMO people accumulate it when it goes below crowdsale prices; i.e. around .00025


dao continues with double wall formation

I had a feeling DAO would get interesting; everything has its place actually

some people like vanilla ice cream and other chocolate and yet still others like strawberry yet each of these flavors are being sold…

IMO bitcoin halving continuing to cause a lot of indecision and confusion

just over week old market so far

I see DAO being FUDed out there, I don’t know if its legit just shake out of weaker hands who would rather have another coin…

If you split from DAO you get your share of ETH it is an interesting dynamic and coin set up.

2 weeks chart on DAO ranging between .00020 and .00024

DAO seems to track the price of ETH

SOme big issue with DAO atm…

This is why we never go all in…

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The neat thing about blockchains

The development community is proposing a soft fork, (with NO ROLLBACK; no transactions or blocks will be “reversed”)
which will make any transactions that make any
calls/callcodes/delegatecalls that execute code with code hash
0x7278d050619a624f84f51987149ddb439cdaadfba5966f7cfaea7ad44340a4ba (ie.
the DAO and children) lead to the transaction (not just the call, the
transaction) being invalid, starting from block 1760000 (precise block
number subject to change up until the point the code is released),
preventing the ether from being withdrawn by the attacker past the
27-day window. This will later be followed up by a hard fork which will
give token holders the ability to recover their ether.

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Just sold DAO tokens…

Yet, with big profit in my local fiat. This crypto word is crazy, you drop a rock and it goes up lol

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In case people needed more info, direct place is their slack channel can sign up for it here

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