December 15th, message


The one sane soul among all this crazy stuff going on in the past days. Thank you @dandabek and have a nice weekend :wink:

Thank you for the update. Hope it all works out.

Hvala i sve najbolje!

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Thank you :slight_smile: i will waitng Monday!!

Thank you! Looking forward to your update Monday.

I’m currently working on some gumbo right now, nothing like cooking up some gumbo to ease the mind.

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Hi Daniel, i know you’re busy and have a lot of going on. I did a btc transfer last night aussie time at 8.56: 37sec pm and the amount was deducted from my btc balance but my safex wallet still doesn’t have the coins. I’m new to this and sweating a bit. Is this part of the problem or is there anything i can do from this end?

Where did you transfer from? Have you checked the Omni block explorer?

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From BTC Market and shows it going out, (-0.04591) bitcoin (about $1000 aussie). I don’t know what an omni block explorer is…i’ll google it. When i woke up, the wallet had finally synced but it’s still empty.

So I purchased 50,000k coins today to transfer into my public wallet key. But still haven’t saw anything yet? Is it on hold because of the exhange problems???

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@Phoenixfx @Trevor

Can you guys find a TX number somewhere in the transaction details?

This is an example TX number of some random transaction:
Look it up in the search box on this site:
You can check if the transaction is confirmed yet.

Is this confirm? But where we get the coins is sinces they delisted?

In case you sent coins to Cryptopia you have to wait until they finish wallet maintenance which shouldn’t be long as it’s been few days so far. Unfortunately, you will need to use another market (Coinspot) or send your SAFEX to SAFEX Wallet and keep them there until there are more markets listing SAFEX.

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Wel I sent you to that address that all I know. They will credit right. They will need to use another market?

I hope will credit my account with the coins soon. Payment has been sent to that addresss. So I don’t k is how to get it back.

is it cryptopia address?

Is it the transaction hex that i need…?
I’ve found the original transaction that matches up with BTC Markets transaction number but i don’t really know what else to do with it. Sorry…i’m a newbie.

Mine was the address they generated for me to send to. Not sure where it went

Coin spot now halting safex, glad I sold half of mine just wish I sold all them before every exchange delist it was a disappointment it could of been good if they got it up and going,

They will have faith