Depositing Bitcoin to Safex Wallet

Hi all,

I am unable to withdraw Safex from my Wallet because I do not have enough BTC in the wallet. I get this message:

“you do not have enough BTC to cover the fee”

I understand how the wallet works and I am not new to crypto at all. However, I am unable to deposit Bitcoin into my address.

So far I have sent .01 BTC several times but it is not getting deposited to my Safex address. I don’t even see the transaction showing on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Is this a Bitcoin blockchain issue or a Safex wallet issue? I’m aware of the fee/time issues with Bitcoin, but are there any plans for Safex to decouple its dependency on Bitcoin? I think Bitcoin is a dying currency and overinflated as pure speculation at this point. Would be nice if this BTC dependency was removed.

Thanks for any insight / help!

Does the exchange you’re sending from have enough fees to cover the transfer?