Developing with CLI Wallet code

I’m looking to use the CLI wallet code to develop something along the lines of an app, or perhaps just some interesting ways to interface with the blockchain to read data. (Mostly for experience initially, but with business users as my focus.)

I’d like to know if others can share some simple ideas they think would be useful, and maybe things to know about developing using the CLI.

I have good enough javascript skills, plus some general other languages, but not an expert by any standard. Though I’ve developed commercial software using other languages so I understand the end to end life cycle and need for continuous improvement and development, security, privacy, maintenance and such.

That said, I would like to hear from the community about how to built something new with the CLI code that would not complete the TWM, but offer some niche use cases.

Some ideas I want to experiment with:
Make a simple basic personal store app that lets you favorite products, watch/alert an item price, quantity, etc.
And hopefully if it ends up being safe enough, others could clone the project. (Not trying for any payment activity yet, just an anonymous product viewer similar to but for a single seller, or maybe even a user can favorites several sellers along with products, etc…)(i guess that’s really more like saved search queries with ability to hide results you don’t want to see again.)

If anyone has any cool use cases they want to share, I’d like to try to make something and share it.


At first glance you can find some lower level access to information directly from a full node using these rpc calls:

Found at the recent documentation, soon will be published on the main repo

examples here:

For the wallet level functionality you can import safex-nodejs-libwallet

This will let you open a wallet keys file and do transactions with javascript, programmatically:


So, I finally got some time to sit and read through all of this and use the API and I was successful in pulling in some blockchain offers header information and locked in tokens. I’ve used Microsoft Access for this so far. (Some may cringe, but I have 20+ years developing in access and can bend it to my will, it’s very extensible)

I think that’s a good start but now I’m really looking forward to doing more and seeing if I can dabble into some of the more advanced features ( create accounts, offers, stake, unstake, send tokens).i hope that’s available to do now. If anyone knows otherwise, let me know.

I’m going to import the wallet library and see what i can do next.

Thank you @dandabek for all those links, they made it easy to get to this point and I hope to be a contributor in the near future.

After I get successful testing I hope to be able to share a template of what I’ve built, it will have some really interesting features.


Thanks @THINKER for sharing your experience up to now, maybe share with us a screenshot if you have of what can be seen from your side :nerd_face:

Probably among the best thread replies so far! :slight_smile:


Brilliant to see someone having a tinker with what is available. Wish I had to knowledge to help or do something productive.


When someone develops a phone app that works it will advance the marketplace 5 years instantly. Can’t wait to see it!


I agree with you 100%, I hope over the summer we result in a mobile wallet with marketplace access.


@dandabek here are some samples:
Pulling in price pegs and being able to ‘favorite’ your preferred peg

Filtering Price Pegs (for future use case)

Showing the Blockchain stats:

This auto refreshes based on your set timer: (every 2 minutes here):

So far this has been simple…about 8 hours invested
Now I can attack more adventurous things!!


I got offers imported…just a little more data transformation work needed to get it all converted correct…but this means next stop is wallet tools!

(got the offers! - now to learn how to go make them!! :wink: )

(the layout has not been edited et…lots of prettying up to do still)

Wallet library might be a steeper learning curve, so I’ll take my time learning that and share later