Did I rushed the process? Please help

Hey did I do this process correct? i saw some cases that somebody rushed the process but not sure did I do it as well cause if I did i would like to know how can I Fix this.
There are my 2 addresses, could you please check it?

I do not see table so i do not know is IT matter od time and soon it Will appear or I should do something more

It can take 4-ish hours for the Migration Table to populate, maybe even a bit longer with all these last-minute migrations increase the size of the database.

If the Migration Table hasn’t appear after 5 hours, then ping me.

I think you did them both correctly… with the resets and additional txns, it’s hard to be certain… so wait the 5 hrs from when you finished setting the second halves.

I see the Table and my balance. Thank you for your help :grin::grin::grin:

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