Didn't recieve tokens or cash from migration


A week ago, on January, 25th I migrated 267180 tokens from 13gtnVZqpox369HVGnQxeVtJ68Tu2ppsnH.
Migration table in V7 wallet shows that I should receive 267180 SFT and 622.07 SFX

As I understand it from previous topics, script that awards coin run once a week, yet sadly I cannot see my tokens or cash using safex-wallet-cli on my safex node or in mcafee miner(except 2.04 SFX I’ve got from mining) even through a week has passed.

I can see burn transactions recorded in bitcoin blockchain here https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/13gtnVZqpox369HVGnQxeVtJ68Tu2ppsnH and on omni explorer https://omniexplorer.info/address/13gtnVZqpox369HVGnQxeVtJ68Tu2ppsnH.

Can you please help me, I don’t understand what I did wrong:(

Thanks beforehand!

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Hey there, you should be in good shape. The migration script has not been run since a few weeks. Next round will come up soon and you’ll have the expected access.

Glad you got the CLI working :sunrise:

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Thank you for fast response!
I’ll wait then, glad I didn’t mess up migration.

It wasn’t that hard to get CLI wallet working, especially with prebuild binaries for ubuntu. I actually run two port-forwarded safex nodes 24/7 - one in Sweden and one in NY, hope that it helps network even if by a little bit🙂

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Super glad to hear about that.

Migration is quite a few steps, yet it’s hard to cause damage with the process. I’ll be sure to reply again once the script was run and tokens/cash were distributed.


I’ve checked my wallet today and noticed that I’ve received my tokens and cash. Thank you!